A stairway to heaven….

There are some structures you see and you ask “what was the intention of the builder in the first place?” Well, such places still exist and they are all over the world.

Some call it “The Creepy Stairs in the Woods That Lead Nowhere”. For others it is “The Celestial Staircase” “the staircase to nowhere, or abandoned staircase.” It depends more on the person’s perspective and belief when such a wonder is sighted.

The City of Orien, Germany:

The Celestial Staircase, built between 1980 and 1987, is the first sculpture in the series. It’s a massive triangle-shaped stairway that stands 16 m in height. There are 56 steps in the piece, and the side walls shorten gradually until they form a vertical hole at the top. As a result, the structure takes on the appearance of a celestial observatory, with its steps connecting the earth and the sky.

Staircase to Nowhere, Pismo Beach, California:

There was once a walkway connected to this beautiful spiral, but it has long since rotted away.  Now the only way to get to these stairs is to kayak in.  What is most stunning about this staircase is how it outlasted the structure it was made to serve.  And now it sits with no purpose other than to appear on the occasional Internet list.   

Spiral Staircase – Wonderland Amusement Park, China:

The Wonderland Amusement Park was partially built in 1998, then another attempt to finish it was made in 2008.  Due to financial concerns with local officials, both attempts failed.  In recent years the surrounding buildings have been either demolished or reclaimed by farmers, including this spiral staircase that goes… much like the park, absolutely nowhere. 

Salt Mine Stairs in Hallstatt, Austria:

Coming in at 3,000 years old, this old piece of history was found in a bronze-age salt mine in Hallstatt, Austria.  It was recently moved to Vienna’s Natural History Museum to prevent it from being crushed by the weight of the mountain above it.   

Waverly Hills | Death Tunnel Staircase:

Only the bravest of souls will ever lay eyes on these stairs.  Waverly Hills is a sanitarium that is known as possibly the most haunted place in the entire world. It was a TB hospital that opened in 1910 and closed in 1962.  During that time some estimates put the death toll at over 63,000.  Most of those 63,000 took a ride down this hallway, known as the ‘death chute’, as it was used to transport the unlucky discretely.  These stairs, lonely since their construction, are possibly the creepiest stairs ever constructed. 

Stairs found around Mount Phnom Kulen in Cambodia:

Image ref: Tiktok

In 2016, a Search and Rescue (SAR) Officer posted about stumbling across mysterious sets of stairs in the woods that lead to nowhere. The stairs rise up from the soil like an animated corpse, ending in empty air and stunted nothingness. No other structure surrounds the stairs to give them meaning or context. Where did these stairs come from? There are no conclusive answers to this question.

There are tons of others stairs found in different locations with unknown origins.

Spooky? Yes. But, we wish we knew the intentions of the constructors.

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