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Gadgets for so many are ultimate sources of utility, from making things easier to use, entertaining us when boredom sets in, to helping us reach distant relatives and friends. Just like any other utility item, they are prone to malfunctions. Since it has been proven that many users do not pay 100 percent attention to the manufacturer’s manual here are easy-to-follow tips for taking care of your gadgets.

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Handle with care:

One surefire way to damage your electronics is to drop or crush them. When smartphones broke onto the market, some early adopters were devastated by shattered screens after a simple slip of the grip. Imagine mishandling your 40-inch screen TV, resulting in an annoying crack.

Protect devices with cases and screen protectors:

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Rugged, reinforced cases provide almost excellent damage protection, although some users may find them bulky. This is especially good for mobile phones. If you opt for a slimmer, more fashionable case, you can add another layer of protection with shatter-resistant screen protection cling. These products are also available for tablets and other mobile touchscreen devices.

Keep it clean:

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Moisture and dirt can cause your electronic device to overheat. Heat is the enemy of all things electronic. And unless your gadget is waterproof, it is best to keep it away from liquids or the possibility of being submerged in water (i.e toilet bowls, ponds, pools, etc).

A few cleaning tips would include the following:

  • Be careful about eating and drinking near your gadgets. Spilled coffee on your keyboard can shut out the motherboard. Food crumbs can accumulate on the keyboard and keep it from functioning properly.
  • When cleaning surfaces, do not spray liquids directly onto the computer, phone, or tablet. It is best to use a microfiber cloth as it will not scratch the surface).
  • If you accidentally spill something onto a gadget, quickly turn it off. Remove the battery and other accessories attached, like flash drives or DVDs, and position them so that the liquid can run out. Wipe off the excess liquid with a soft towel and let it dry. No hair dryer or vacuum cleaner as it can cause damage and static. If you spilled a large amount of liquid, you may need to bring your computer to a repair shop.

Use an antivirus:

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Make sure to install an anti-virus program on your computer to protect it from any virus attacks. Check it periodically to see if it is up-to-date. Protect your computer from malware by practicing good habits such as checking flash drives and DVDs before opening or downloading files from them, not opening emails from unknown senders, and not visiting questionable.

Care for your batteries:

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Battery power is the lifeblood of your gadget. To keep the battery working, charge it properly and store it well. Also, keep your gadgets charged 50% or more most of the time.

Take care of your power cables:

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That power cord is an important part of your gadget. Without it, you won’t be able to charge your battery. It is important to wrap your cable, especially when not in use. Make sure that nobody can trip on the cord when your gadget is plugged in. Use only the adaptor or power cord supplied to your gadget. They are sensitive to power variations. Using the incorrect cord can cause serious damage.

If your electronics and gadgets keep you connected and entertained, it’s up to you to return a little of that love.

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