How To Keep Your Smart Phone Clutter-Free…..

Like our homes and our bodies, our tech gadgets can also get bogged down. Here are some ‘tech cleanse’ tips you can follow to help improve performance, speed and efficiency on your mobile phones.

An iPhone showing full storage

Phones can accumulate a lot of clutter in the form of duplicate pictures, temporary files, and unused applications. All this clutter can deny your phone of performance and decrease storage space. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the hurdle.

Back up your files:
You can do this by connecting your phone to a computer using a USB cord and transfer or copy your files there. That way when you delete from your phone, you know you can always get to the deleted files elsewhere.
By simply removing files from your phone, you’re freeing up space, to help you keep your iOS and apps updated.

A user connecting smart phone to a laptop

Move photos to cloud storage(s):
The photos and videos we shoot are often the biggest culprits. This is why it is strongly recommended to back up photos and videos to the cloud.
From Google Drive to Dropbox, iCloud, One drive and more you could have as much as 5GB for free and then to expand storage, you’ll pay a token. This also helps you retrieve your files when you switch devices.

A user installing Google Drive App on a smart phone

Organize the needed apps, delete others:
Take a look at your apps list and get rid of any you don’t use. Some people have apps that they have not used in a long time and will never use. Some keep the apps for eventualities. There is actually no need for that. These apps are available in stores and can be downloaded when needed. Simply uninstall or delete according to your phone’s settings.

A user deleting an app from the phone

Update softwares:
Keeping your apps and operating systems up to date saves you from the net of active black market phone exploiters. Hackers find vulnerabilities and post them out on the internet but when your apps and systems are up to date, they keep your phone protected against such.

Updating Android Software

Minimize contents on your home screen:
Breakaway from filling up your screen with an entire grid of apps and just go with what you really need.
The simpler and less busy your home screen is the better your experience.

An organised home screen

Clear the ‘digital waste’:
Things like browser cache and app data definitely take up space and clog the phone. This sometimes causes the phone to become slow.
Try to make it a habit to clear up these caches.

How to clear cache on your phone

Clean the body of your phone:
Strange right? Our phones are magnets for bacterial contamination hence the importance of keeping them clean on the surface, but this can be tricky since these devices are so fragile. For the outside, use a microfiber cloth- the kind of materials you use to clean your glasses.

A user cleaning the phone with a microfiber cloth

You can start now and continue to maintain a good ‘cyber hygiene’.

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