The World’s Most Amazing Body Art Works….

The World of body art is one where skin becomes a canvas and creativity is limitless. Body art is one of self-expression, which more often than not leaves the viewer stunned.

Join us as we explore the stories behind these mesmerizing creations and the talented artists who bring them to life.


Trina Merry isn’t your typical painter. This body art extraordinaire transforms her models into living works of art, seamlessly blending them into their surroundings. Her journey began under the tutelage of renowned performance artists Robert Wilson and Marina Abramovic at the prestigious Watermill Center. These early influences continue to be expressed in her captivating body paint installations.


Artist Natalie Fletcher studied traditional painting but soon turned to body art to satisfy her creativity.


Italian artist Guido Daniele challenges the idea that impactful art requires a grand canvas. His captivating “Handimals” series transforms human hands into vibrant expressions of his passion for nature. With a keen eye and remarkable skill, Daniele paints stunning animal forms onto hands, creating a unique and unforgettable visual experience.


Peruana multimedia artist, Cecilia Paredes, utilizes photography to craft captivating performances. In these works, she seamlessly blends her body with a diverse array of textures and patterns, effectively disappearing into the background. This act of camouflage, often likened to animal mimicry, creates a fascinating juxtaposition with her surname, “Paredes,” which translates to “wall” in Spanish.


Italian artist Johannes Stötter isn’t your average body painter. Inspired by the natural world, Stötter possesses a remarkable talent for transforming single or multiple bodies into stunning animal illusions. His meticulous technique and fantastical creations have earned him worldwide recognition and numerous awards in the world of fine art body painting.


British conceptual body artist Emma Fay transforms the human form into a powerful platform for social commentary. Her work disrupts conventional perceptions of beauty, prompting viewers to confront societal pressures surrounding body image.

Fay’s impactful series, Ridiculous, utilizes symbolic body painting to expose our collective obsession with unrealistic perfection. Striking imagery, like a “trout pout” contrasting a stark white face, satirizes the outlandish vocabulary used to describe physical features. Similarly, a “bread basket” painted on a “muffin top” cleverly critiques the way everyday language can negatively impact our self-esteem.

When next you see a body art, do well to appreciate the efforts of the artist, whether online or onsite.

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