Trending social media slangs and their meaning….

Social media moves at the speed of light, and with it comes a constantly evolving language. 

If you belong to generations older than the GenZs, and you feel lost amidst the “low-key”s and “shook”s? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

Here’s a breakdown of some trending social media slangs to keep you up-to-date:


  • Gucci: Originally a luxury brand name, it’s now used to describe something excellent or good quality. (Ex: “That new restaurant was Gucci!”).
  • Sus: Short for “suspicious,” used to express doubt or skepticism. (Ex: “That story sounds kinda sus.”)
  • Fire: Similar to “lit,” but emphasizes awesomeness or attractiveness. (Ex: “Your hair looks fire!”).
  • Bae: Originally a term of endearment for a romantic partner, it can now be used playfully for close friends or things you like. (Ex: “Pizza is my bae.”)
  • Yeet: Expresses excitement, triumph, or throwing something forcefully (often used ironically). (Ex: “Yeeted that test out of the park!”).
  • Glow Up: A significant improvement in appearance, confidence, or overall situation. (Ex: “They’ve had a major glow up since high school!”).
  • Salty: As mentioned before, but also used for someone who lost a competition or argument. (Ex: “He was so salty after losing the game.”)
  • Shook: As mentioned before, but also used for disbelief or being speechless. (Ex: “I’m shook that they actually did that!”).


  • NSFW: Not Safe For Work (content that might be inappropriate for professional settings).
  • IRL: In Real Life (used to distinguish online interactions from the real world).
  • AMA: Ask Me Anything (invitation for an open Q&A session).
  • DM: Direct Message (a private message sent on a social media platform).
  • OOTD: Outfit of the Day (showcasing your daily attire).
  • GRWM: Get Ready With Me. This is web fashion enthusiasts show how they get ready to go out.
  • MCM/WCW: Man Crush Monday/Woman Crush Wednesday (publicly expressing admiration).
  • IMHO: In My Humble Opinion (introducing a personal viewpoint).


  • Big Mood: Strongly relatable or expressing a strong feeling. (Ex: “This weather is a big mood.”)
  • No cap: Used for emphasis, meaning “to be honest” or “for real.” (Ex: “No cap, that movie was amazing.”)
  • Slide into the DMs: A flirty way of inviting someone to send a private message.
  • Catch feelings: To develop romantic feelings for someone.

Remember, social media slang evolves quickly, so these are just a few examples.

The best way to stay updated is to pay attention to how people you follow are using language online.

Did we miss any? Do share with us in the comment section.

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