The Majestic Kajuru Castle of Nothern Nigeria….

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There are beautiful things hidden in the most unlikely places. One of them is The Kajuru Castle. 

History has it that a German national, Gerhard Huebner who lived in Kaduna in the mid 80’s built and settled in the Bavarian-style Kajuru Castle, complete with an armory and a dungeon and set atop one of the Kaduna Mountains. Unfortunately, he lost his ownership claim to it courtesy of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

How come a German National built a castle located at about 45 kilometres from Kaduna on a mountaintop in Kajuru village, Kaduna state? 

Sometime in 1975, the District Head of Kajuru District in Kachia Local Government Area of Kaduna State, acting on the instruction of the Emir of Zaria granted permission to the Gerhard to build a temporary weekend hospitality resort on a hilltop in Kajuru Village. He initially built a temporary structure and later built a permanent structure, which he named “The Kajuru Castle”.

The castle is still a private property but it remains one of the popular resort centers in Nigeria, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. 

This medieval architecture and natural surroundings which are an astonishing sight to behold has a capacity to contain 150 guests. This is why it is very popular for group vacations, honeymoon getaways, pool parties and the likes. Infact being inside feels like ancient Rome.

However, due to the actual number of rooms the castle has, not many tourists get the chance to spend the night.

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