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Current realities have proven that learning has gone beyond the classroom. Infact, these days and even in the near or distant future educational qualification won’t be the most needed criteria for success in life. Skills like social and emotional skills are even more important.

This is why kids and students of today should be well equipped for the future of living and work. At this point, the responsibility does not lie alone in the hands of the school administration and the teachers. Parents and guardian need to step in and step up. Equipping these kids can help lead to long-term societal benefits that extend far beyond the individual child.

Here are a few tips on how to build a wholesome child beyond school.

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Build their imagination and initiative:

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This is very important because these kids will grow up to build innovative platforms that will help in preserving human life when their teachers and parents are way beyond their active lives. You can help them get to this point by answering their questions truthfully, no matter how tricky or difficult. Practice patience and encourage them as this will help them not to give up too soon. Read to the child or tell stories to pique his/her imagination.

Build their identity:

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Sometimes children need independence. Let them learn to do things on their own and give them credit for doing a good job. Keep your requests and demands to an understanding level. Help the child find his role. This will help them to learn to stand on their own and not hide in the crowd.

Use humour and share it:

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Laughter often brings people closer, helps them communicate, creates a shared experience and common bond. An environment filled with laughter strengthens the relationships between children and their parents and fellow kids.

Let them learn to trust:

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Trust is essential in life. Brands grow because customers trust that they will be given value for their money. Individuals go through terrible situations and come out strong all thanks to family and friends who had their back. That is trust! You can teach your child(ren) to trust and be trustworthy by showing love, care and understanding. Smile often even when it is difficult. Answer the never-ending questions, give reassurances and when they cry gently hold their hands and let them speak out. That way, the child(ren) know someone has got their back. Have you ever heard a child say “I’ll tell my daddy that you bully me”? Well, that statement comes from a place of trust.

Let them learn team work:

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No man is an island. The same applies to your kids. Some parents in a bid to protect their kids lock them up in the house for as long as possible and only let them out for school. Unfortunately, the times have changed. Empathy and collaborative ability are much needed skills in today’s workplace. Sign up your kids for after school club activities like sports, dancing, scrabble, coding classes and internship opportunities. In some cases, leadership capabilities are discovered and built during team work.

Promote mental health and resilience:

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Kids need to learn that happiness and peace do not lie in items, belongings or people. This is because at some point in life, these things will fail. Does that mean life should become meaningless? No! Teach them that when we all think good thoughts about ourselves, the world we live in the future, we feel good, and when we feel good we do better by taking action on our good thoughts and feelings.

Less video games and internet surfing, more books and wholesome contents:

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This is a challenge in most homes. Parents find it difficult to get their kids off their phones or computers. This is the point where one needs to get creative with a good amount of discipline. It is better to teach the child to have the phone and still be able to focus on their studies and other tasks. So, you can give them researches to do – it will make a meaningful online activity. They are learning while online. Some parents simply hold the phones of their kids until they are done with more serious work. This is becoming old fashioned though.

Promote physical fitness:

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This will make the child embrace a healthy lifestyle. Also include positive gender messages and healthy body images for girls and boys. Let them learn to respect how other people look like either due to the choices they made or circumstances beyond their control like accidents and other unfortunate events.

There are so many ways to help our children survive in this culture. Don’t leave them all to the school and their teachers. Cheers to a beautiful future for your child!

Did we miss any tip? Do share with us in the comment section.

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