Awesome ideas on organising your Kitchen….

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If you’ve had to search endlessly for the right pot lid, bought extra ingredients because you couldn’t find it in your pantry or struggle to keep the kitchen looking even somewhat clean, then this is the proper time to give your kitchen some attention.

A lot of people think that you need an enormous space to have a functional kitchen. That’s untrue! It’s more about how you organize the space you have. Also, you do not need a major overhaul to become organized. Don’t throw out that beautiful Tupperware just yet. A few handy tips and tricks to get you started to optimise your space is what you need.

Pull it all out and then purge:

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This is the start. It is important to literally see every item in your kitchen and start from a blank slate. It might sound like a lot of work but pull it all out and assess the damage. Think about each item- is it necessary? Does it work? Do you love it? This step can be really hard but considering that you want to have a functional space, to actually enjoy being in your kitchenn, you should have a keep section, a toss section and a donate section.

Do a deep clean:

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Just like your refrigerator, your cabinets and drawers deserves a good wipe down. You will be surprised how great it will feel, especially when you put everything back in its place. You’ll have a sparkling kitchen.

Define sections for each item:

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Before you start to put things back, assess your entire kitchen and group cabinets and drawers into sections. The easiest way to do this is to have a notepad and pen to write it down, including which items belong in which section. You can begin from the items you use everyday- those should be within easy reach while the ones you rarely use should be farther away.

Unload your cereals:

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This not only makes your kitchen look organized, it also saves you the time of locating the open cereal boxes. This helps avoid spillage thus keeping insects away. Your cereals, baking goods, pasta and rice for instance, go into clear containers.

Other tips could also include;

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*Installing a hanging rack for pots and pans to free up cupboard space.
*Mounting a rack for spices (it can be in alphabetical order).
*Make use of drawer organizers and dividers to keep everything pretty accessible.
*Install a cork board on the inside of your cupboard doors to help hang small items or display your most used kitchen utensils.

Take your time when you’re off work, maybe on a weekend to shine your kitchen back to life! If you can’t afford the luxury of time, there are home organizers you can employ to handle the job your you. After all, you want a kitchen you’ll be proud of.

Are there any tips we have missed? Please share with us in the comment section.

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