Top 7 productivity tools for 2021….

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Productivity always pays off. This is not being overly busy without achieving tangible results. Productivity is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and consistent effort. It is never an accident.

In 2021, you would have noticed that work patterns are now different – lots of work from home situations, virtual meetings, E-learning among others. This is when we all have to be more careful because the tendency to get distracted in a virtual world is very high.

To help you enjoy productivity this year, you need to use tools that will contribute to you achieving your goals.  Mind you, the market has become a little more competitive, so, it makes sense to scan through heaps of tools to bring you reliable productivity apps.

Google Drive:

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 This is a versatile cloud storage solution, and a great resource to use when sharing files and documents of any kind with team members. With Google drive you no longer have to attach and store large files your computer and send via email over and over until it is perfected. With Google Drive you simply need to share a link with your colleagues and grant access, which can be ‘Edit’, ‘Comment’, or ‘View’. You can see the corrections the person is making from your own end. This tool is truly a great time-saving solution.


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It is the perfect team collaboration software that unifies your entire team communications. It integrates with the apps you use every day such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box to name a few. Top features include; chat and team communication, set up reminders, highlight words to be notified as they appear in a conversation.


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If you never saw Zoom as a productivity tool, this is an opportunity to change your mind. Zoom provides remote conferencing services using cloud computing. It is a real powerhouse tool that can accommodate up to 500 participants to collaborate seamlessly. Rather than sit in traffic to get to a meeting, why not get it done from the comfort of your location via zoom. This is a kind reminder – remember to look good.  Top features include; HD video and high-quality audio, screen sharing and full suite of collaboration features, easy to start and join.

Time Doctor:

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You may ask how as a supervisor, you can manage and track what your team members are doing. You want to know where is your team is spending their time while working even when they are hundreds of miles away from you. Time Doctor to the rescue. Time Doctor is a complete time tracking and productivity tool designed specifically for remote teams. Its top features include;Screenshots recording, Web and app usage monitoring, alerts to avoid distractions.

Google keep:

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This is an awesome note-taking app that you can share real-time with team members. Google Keep is a full-featured notes app known for its simplicity to jot down reminders, capture ideas, create checklists, take meeting notes, make to-dos and a whole lot more. You get digital sticky-notes and as a part of G-suite you can integrate your notes with Google Docs. It works well on Android, iOS, Google Chrome, Firefox or even a Smartwatch.

Top features include; Two kinds of reminders ― time and location, audio notes by using Google’s speech-to-text engine, sync with Chrome and Web app, colour code your notes.

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The best thing about is that it cleans up your inbox by categorizing your subscriptions in the form of a virtual roll-up. You can access it whenever you have some free time. This will be really beneficial for those people who subscribe to all and sundry and have forgotten about their subscriptions. Top features include: The roll-up which allows you to read emails at the time chosen by you, makes your mailbox clutter-free, secure and easy to access.


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With LastPass forgetting passwords and spending time looking for that scrap bit of paper with your passwords will no longer be a problem. To make use of LastPass, you only need to do, is set and remember one master password to login to your vault, and this essentially is where all of your passwords that you have chosen to be saved are stored so you can easily access them. To prove that it is secured, it is good to know that LastPass also supports two-factor authentication, that is an extra layer of security that you can simply set up too.

Let’s add one more;


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It is the days of digital marketing and avid social media usage. If you do a lot of social media, Hootsuite is the most powerful social media management platform that lets you manage multiple networks and profiles in one central place. Marketing teams can manage their social media activity across all platforms and track overall engagement with just a few clicks. Some of the benefits of Hootsuite include; making, finding, scheduling, managing, and reporting on social media content easier. Also, it lets you automatically schedule posts across multiple social accounts at the same time and lets you track and share meaningful insights about customers and campaign via reports.

Go ahead! Have a productive life in 2021. Hit and surpass you targets. Ibiene is rooting for you.

What is your choice productivity tool? Do share with us in the comment section.

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