Tips on how to vote wisely….

Get informed and make better choices because not voting at all will harm you in more ways than you can imagine.

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Here are tips you can practice ahead of your country’s election and share with others so you can vote wisely;

Know everything you can about each candidate:

Whether they’re running for a national or local position, it is very important that we know everything about the candidates, not just the one that appeals to you. Instead of focusing on one particular candidate only, spend time also knowing the facts and history of the others including their concrete plans for the country once they get elected. Are their promises really doable or it’s just to attract votes?

Listen with an open mind:

Politicians invest heavy funds just to learn public speaking, entice the voters and how to deal with them. Just like salesmen do, they possess good looks and a very listenable voice. So, watch out when they speak kind words, especially when they’re too good to be true. Listen, instead, with an open mind. Intelligent politicians sometimes use words that should not be taken lightly.

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Focus on issues, not personal attacks:

Every political candidate has a past, some dark, others worse just like anyone else. It is also very common to hear politicians being accused of doing something illegal or immoral and anyone can easily run to media, both traditional and social media to destroy a politician’s image. So instead of entertaining personal attacks and rumours, focus on the real issues surrounding them.

Listen to critics but avoid haters:

Haters are born to always be negative; they show their true colours during competitions like elections. They never really like anyone and oppose them vehemently. Don’t even try to debate with them because you will never win. Listen to critics on the other hand because they really understand the issues and will help you weigh things based on facts, not just sentiment.

Don’t fall for these so-called God-fearing politicians:

For the record, IBIENE respects all religions and believes in the freedom of association as enshrined in the constitution. But the phrase “God-fearing” has been abused by so many, even traditional politicians. Note that serving the people is NOT about religion. This will help us take away sentiment.

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Don’t just join the majority vote:

Many politicians tend to ensure they attract and get support from big groups so they can instantly get majority votes. The problem with this is that people’s attention gets diverted and sells away their right to choose. While there’s really nothing wrong with listening to suggestions, don’t vote for a candidate just because it seems many people are screaming his/her name. Simply put, don’t allow anyone to dictate your personal choice.

Vote what our country needs, not who you need:

Politicians act as if they really love the poor and this is why the poor fall victim most times and end up suffering the brunt of their bad decision or indecision the most. In fact, many of them give away goods and money to poor families. It’s fine to accept their gifts especially if you really need them, but it doesn’t mean you should vote for them. Don’t vote for what you need (free cash, free food and gifts). Vote for what the country really needs – employment, ease of doing business, security, business-friendly policies, free or affordable education and lots more. This will impact positively on you and your family in the long run.

Realize that your one vote does count:

We need to remember the power of every single grain of rice in the bowl, every drop of water that makes the ocean. When you embrace the idea that your vote counts, you will see it as the responsibility it is and prepare for it like you should.

Please share this post with your colleagues, friends, family and even haters as your country approaches an election.

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