Self-care- The right way to do it….

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Charity begins at home. – World’s proverb

We show compassion and care for others sometimes for as long as they live, but think about it, how often do we treat ourselves with that same level of kindness? One of the best things that we can do for ourselves, especially for our minds and bodies is to take a break and remember that we are worth being taken care of.

For some people, they complain of not having the luxury of time to self-care and it seems adding self-care into their day an inconvenience. But repeatedly putting the needs of others ahead our own can lead to a lack of “me time,” which can, result in stress and at some point, illnesses.

Studies have illustrated that putting self-care into one’s daily routine reduces stress, decreases the chances of mental and physical ailment, and increases productivity among other benefits. By giving ourselves some healthy dose of compassion, we’re able to approach life with a clear, happy mind, thus permitting the cycle of positivity to continue.

Do you still think caring for yourself can be stressful or expensive? Here are some tips to help you out.

Eat healthy:

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With the hustle and bustle of today’s world, too often we eat our meals while multitasking, which denies us the sheare experience of a nourishing meal. Treat yourself with that same level of respect that a proffessional waiter at a restaurant will accord you. Allow yourself to indulge in a meal without any distractions. That way you won’t be absent minded and eat out-of-control portions.

Give yourself a pat on the back when you accomplish a goal:

To do list

While the “to-do” list can be unending, we must also recognize the things we’ve done as this makes us feel good. At the end of the day, make a list of the productive things you’ve done that day, no matter how irrelevant. It could be that you nurtured a relationship, did the laundry, completed an assignment? No matter how small, give yourself that deserving pat on the back.

Express gratitude: 

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Just as it’s awesome to keep track of what we’ve accomplished, it is also good to take a stock of what we have. Take the time to journal the things that you feel lucky to have and express gratitude for them. Everything from clean sheets to a good friend is worth noting. Gratefulness works anytime and at all times.

Gift yourself some little presents: 

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What are some of your favourite little things? Anything from new to classic. Treat that inner boy or girl to a little present and allow the warm feelings to wash over you.

Recreate your space:

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How does your apartment look? Your bedroom or kitchen? Do they look the the way you want them to? Do you need to declutter, add some candles or fun throw pillows? By building a space that feels warm and inviting, you go a long way in establishing an inviting retreat for yourself.

Read a book or several books: 

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Finding the book, you love is a great way to feel happy. It feels awesome to look forward to a good story, and the act of reading helps encourage a sense of peace. It also takes you on a trip that you otherwise wouldn’t have taken. 

Move and then keep moving:

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Getting active increases the feeling of happiness. If you don’t have the luxury of time or resources to hit the gym, you can find a form of physical activity that works for you. Go dancing with friends, enjoy a Saturday morning mountain hike, go on a bike ride or just take a walk around your neighbourhood.

Unplug even on social media:

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Social media has some benefits, but exposing yourself to everyone’s online versions of themselves all the time is harmful. There have been cases of people who suffered some form of depression because of the “too-good-to-be-true pictures on Instagram (no wonder they had to hide the number of likes per post). Apart from that, social media can be a place where stories of wars, killings, terrorism and bad things are posted. This can be overwhelming and create fear. Take some time away and allow yourself to focus on the beauty of the moment.

Create something you’ve always wanted to: 

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Whether it’s a cake, a batch of brownies or a small stool, getting artistic allows us to feel mindful and productive.

Repeat all the tips above:

Don’t stop at one. Love yourself all the time. You’ve got just one life to live. 

You see, self-care is not that difficult after-all. You don’t have to take yourself on a trip to the Maldives, dine in the finest restaurant or buy yourself the latest car model. It’s the little things that counts. Search for the good, share your peace, and watch the positivity spread to your world.

What is your self-care tip? Please share with us in the comment section. 

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