Inside the mind of a Creator: A chat with Jennifer Bond….

In the grand tapestry of design and development management, there emerges a singular thread, Jennifer Bond. Her journey transcends borders and disciplines, weaving through the realms of architecture, health science, and construction.

But, it’s not just her extensive experience that sets her apart. It’s the way she brings a global perspective into every project she undertakes. Her mission is as ambitious as it is essential: to harmonize the intricacies of service organizations with the built environment, ensuring they function seamlessly together.

As we zoom in on Jennifer’s extraordinary career, we discover a woman who thrives on the intricate details of design and the vast potential of development. Get ready to delve into the story of an industry maven, who’s redefining the future of our built world, one project at a time.

The following is an edited interview IBIENE had with her.

IBIENE: What is your perspective on life?

Jennifer: You can’t change what has already happened. But you can still focus on improving what is yet to happen – your future.

IBIENE: Who or what has been a significant source of inspiration in your life?

Travelling the World, experiencing different cultures, architecture, food, languages, and the kindness of people.

IBIENE: What led you to pursue your current career or passion?

Jennifer: The ability and opportunity to design and build projects that will benefit generations for years to come. Procuring and delivering Health Infrastructure has allowed me to give back.

IBIENE: Can you share some of your most significant accomplishments or projects you’re proud of?

Jennifer: Alder Hey Children’s Hospital (Liverpool UK), University of Canberra Rehabilitation and Mental Hospital (Canberra, Australia). Working around the world, New Zealand, Australia, England, India, Georgia, Nigeria

IBIENE: Have you faced any notable challenges in your journey, and how did you overcome them?

Jennifer: Moving cities/ countries to study and work. Lagos, Nigeria – London, England – Sydney, Australia – Auckland, New Zealand.

The amazing life experiences far overshadow the challenges.

The harder you work the luckier you get. Act like it’s your company, the promotion and pay rises will follow.

IBIENE: How has technology impacted the way you work and live?

Jennifer: Technology has simplified and complicated my life in equal parts. I love being able to contact family on FaceTime and WhatsApp, but it comes with the demand to reply to emails in 10 minutes or less. A double-edged sword.

IBIENE: How do you typically spend your time away from work?

Jennifer: With family, pets, and friends.

Yoga, pilates, swimming, and walking my dog.

Watching movies or reading.

IBIENE: What advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?

Jennifer: Become a property developer. Start your own business before turning 27.

Don’t be afraid of anything. Act like you know you will succeed.

I could care less about what people thought. Most people’s opinions do not matter.

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