Inside the Mind of a Creator: A Chat with Ibiba Omotosho

Life after 50 is a time to count your pennies and save them for retirement. – Ibiba Omotosho

Image ref: Ibiba Omotosho

This quote is attributed to our creator of the month. Someone who is surviving and thriving in an environment where it is a miracle for businesses to survive the first five years. This 56-year-old amazon was born in kaduna (Nothern Nigeria), schooled in Port Harcourt (Southern Nigeria). She dropped Education to become a business woman.

She is Ibiba Omotosho a lover of people, family and derives joy from working hard.  

IBIENE shares a chat with Ibiba who is staunch believer of her Christian faith, to find out what makes her tick.

Here’s how the conversation went.

IBIENE: How do you view life after 50?

Image ref: Ibiba Omotosho

Ibiba: Life after 50 makes you more mature and for me more religious. It generally slows you down a bit. It is a time to count your pennies and save them for retirement. It is called the investment and saving period.

IBIENE: What prompted you to go into the business of exotic fabrics and fashion in general?

Image ref: Ibiba Omotosho

Ibiba: My grandmother actually inspired me to go into business. She was a small-time business woman. I chose fabric because I had an eye for fashion from a tender age. I loved good fabrics. I loved dressing up, so I decided to do what I had passion for. I have done it for almost 30 years.

IBIENE: You are a businesswoman who deals in fabrics. What is that one challenge that you have been facing as a woman in business and how have you been able to keep yourself going?

Image ref: Ibiba Omotosho

Ibiba: The most difficult challenge has been getting the banks to finance a business from takeoff. I tried and when I didn’t succeed. I started with what I had and never went back to any banks till today. I am glad I did it myself.

IBIENE: What word(s) of encouragement do you have for women whose businesses have been drastically affected by the global pandemic?

Ibiba: Almost everyone was affected with the pandemic. My advice for those women that were drastically affected is to change your line of business, especially, if you were doing international business. You can now source for local businesses. Agricultural business is doing great. You can start with minimal capital. You can start a catering business. I know it is highly competitive but so is every business.

IBIENE: Your children are grown up. What would you say is the secret of successful parenting?

Ibiba: My secret of successful parenting was number one- I never over indulged my kids. I made them realize how important it was for everyone to have a good education and integrity. I made them realize early enough that hard work pays and I don’t believe in inheritance. I told them what I owned them was a good education. I rang it over and over again. I didn’t spare the rod when it was necessary. I must say I did well in that field off course. I give God all the glory…They are doing great.

IBIENE: Let’s talk a bit about what one wears and the impression it creates in the minds of others. Why should one be deliberate about what one puts on?

Image ref: Ibiba Omotosho

Ibiba: We are Africans and our society has always had this little influence on us. I don’t really bother about what any one wears as long as it is decent enough not to expose your nakedness. With a society like ours, we must be deliberate about what to wear outside our home. We are judged positively or negatively with our outward appearances.

IBIENE: What are your three tips for staying beautiful.

Ibiba: Eat right. Sleep well. Exercise and love yourself.

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