How to plan an awesome end of the year party….

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The end of the year is the busiest time for organisations, yet it also presents the perfect opportunity to recognize internal and external stakeholders, customers and supporters for their patronage and loyalty over the past 12 months by hosting a let-down-your-hair event.

Everyone has worked really hard and made an immense contribution to the success of the business year so organizing an out-of-work special event can help in bonding.

Thinking of putting together an end of the year event for your organisation, here are ways to ensure your end-of-year event is successful;

Select and organizing committee:

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This is important because you can’t do it all alone and more heads are better than one. Select people among different departments who are willing contributors and can sacrifice extra hours during or after work to brainstorm and come up with awesome ideas.

Draw up a budget:

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This is urgent and important because money makes the world go round (just kidding). Money makes the party happen. Also, the accounts department would need authorization before handing out the money and balancing their account for the year. Draw up all expenses (ensure they’re defendable) and get the money.

Agree on a theme:

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Do you want it African themed, black tie, casual, Caribbean or simply freestyle. Agreeing on the theme sets the tone for the other requirements.

Get a venue booked:
You may want to use the hall in the office or book an external venue. Ensure you confirm an estimate of the number of people who will be attending before sealing the deal.

Send out invitations:

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Confirm from the leaders in the organisation the guests they’ll like to have at the party. Is it strictly by invitation or open for everyone? Ensure you put the accurate name, description or title on the invite to avoid embarrassment. You should get an RSVP for seating arrangements.

Party planner or not?
It is advisable to contract the responsibility of executing ideas for the part to a professional. This is because work can be demanding and you don’t want the committee failing in their official responsibility in the name of the end-of-the-year party. This is for those that can afford to pay a party planner. If the resources available cannot accommodate one, you can make sure the following is put into place;
• Decorations
• Food, Desserts and Drinks
• Entertainment
• Photography
• Games
• Music

The Compere:

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Ensure you contract an MC that has a good and positive sense of humour. You want to get someone with a sense of decorum. You don’t want someone who will bore attendees to sleep or say offending words. If you can afford it, get a comedian to spice up the day and make the people laugh out loud.

Consider setting up a gift exchange:

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Some organisations include a gift exchange between employees at their holiday parties. If the organization is larger then it’s best the gift exchange is done at departmental level.

Consider parking and transportation:

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Is there a adequate parking space for the cars that people will come with? Will there be a shuttle bus from the office to the venue of the party? All these need to be in consideration because you don’t want people who come to your party stranded before or after.


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This is all-important. Whether you’re going for high-end security personnel or the ones you use in the office, consider the calibre of people that will attend the party.

With these tips, you can successfully pull off an end of the year party.

Are there any other tips that we missed out? Please share with us in the comment section.

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