Creating a healthy work-life relationship

We all get stressed in life; stress is, in fact, a part of everyday living. We have goals, we have deadlines and it is so easy to get caught up in the web of working 14-18 hours a day and we forget to live. It is okay to take the job seriously but when there is no healthy work-life balance it shows on your work ethics and you start to produce bad results.

Here are some tips to balance your work-life schedule

Create time to unplug. The same way you schedule your work schedules, your meetings and appointments you should do the same to rest during the day. Clear your head from work, take a nap, call the childhood friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, the point is to just rest from work. The Chinese have a culture of napping for some minutes in the middle of a work day for better productivity- adopt this

Exercise and meditation: Exercise is one of the most effective stress reducers. Exercise is crucial to our well-being so when you are tensed up from work, take a break and go hit the gym. Exercise helps pump blood swiftly through the body and generally lifts the mood. Also, it helps in putting one in a meditative state, which is also perfect for when you hit a brick wall while working. It could help clear your head.

Healthy eating: we get up in the morning and dash off to work without breakfast, and before some eat it is midday yet the body uses food as fuel to keep our bodies moving. Food is important no matter how busy we get. Schedule time to eat; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Relaxation: A little relaxation goes a long way. Take weekends off to relax from work. Go for walks, hang out with your friends, see a movie, go to the beach, read a book, anything to help you breathe and relax, to take your mind away from works helps to reduce stress and to create a healthy work-life balance. 

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