Climate Change: here’s how you can save the Earth….

It’s undeniable. We have seen the impact of climate change on our environment – but there are plenty of things each of us can do to help mitigate it.

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In a new report published in September 2018, the world’s leading climate scientists made their starkest warning so far: that our current actions are not enough for us to meet our target of 1.5C of warming. That’s scary right?

Here’s what’s more shocking. Humans are the cause – you and I. When we engage in deforestation, the release of harmful gas(es) into the atmosphere, burning, irresponsible production and disposing of plastics, killing of animals and many other harmful practices, we destroy the planet we live in.

Just like experts said during COP26, it’s time we stopped talking about who did what. Let’s move the conversation to what can be done and then start.

Here’s a handy guide to some effective strategies to save mother earth.

Eat less meat – particularly beef:

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No, we’re not just trying to restrict your diet. Avoiding meat means killing fewer animals. This reduces your environmental impact on the planet.

Reduce, recycle and reuse:

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Buy fewer things and consume less. This is not forcing you to become a minimalist. Buying only what you need reduces the tendency for a lot of waste because a lot of people buy more than they need and then have to dispose them, sometimes improperly. Recycle wherever possible and – even better – reuse things. Demand a low carbon option in whatever you consume, from clothes to food to energy.

Renewable energy:

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Switch to renewable energy such as solar panels, wherever possible. This will reduce noise pollution and save the carbon emissions that are released due to the use of generating sets.

More laptop, less desktop:

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This is a pretty easy one. Try to use the laptop to get the job done. The generation of electricity, especially if powered by coal and natural gas, is bad for the environment, and laptops are almost always more efficient than desktops. Laptops often use about a third as much electricity as desktops. If you have a desktop, pawn it or send it back to the company for recycling. This seemingly little change can go a long way.

Drive less:

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Cars are a major emitter of carbon dioxide and account for almost one-fifth of emissions. Commit to only using your car during the week or practice carpooling so there are fewer cars on the road. People are beginning to use electric bikes, scooters and skateboards and are cheap and easy to use. Changing from car dependence for every trip is a great step forward in cleaning up our climate.

Take cold showers:

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Cold showers seem impossible for some but they do lots of good stuff for your body. They can increase your blood flow, spike your metabolism and even boost your immune system. Well, showering with cold water is good for the environment, too because it takes electricity to warm up water and depending on the efficiency of your heating system, it can use a lot of electricity – which means more carbon dioxide in the air. 

Plant a tree:

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Experts say climate change could be neutralized for around 20 years if we planted enough trees on all the unused land around the world. Although planting trees alone won’t fix the problem, it will still help. A tree is expected to absorb around 28 pounds of carbon dioxide a year and around a metric ton during a 40-year lifespan. Here’s the lesson – every pound counts!

Eat your leftovers:

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Throwing away your food equals to wasting the carbon dioxide used to produce it. Here’s more. Discarded food ends up in landfills where, due to it decomposing without the presence of oxygen causes emissions of methane into the atmosphere. Wasting less food equals buying less food, equals saving Mother Nature and your wallet. 

The United Nations have warned that we have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe. Let’s take action now.

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