Ahead Of 2020: What You Should Know….

The end of 2019 signals the end of a decade – 10 years gone! With 2020 just a few hours away, the incoming decade can be awesome, if only you know what to do.

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We acknowledge the importance of living in the moment in most situations, yet when it comes to your life, thinking ahead is beneficial. If you don’t you might find yourself shocked that so much of the year has gone by. Believe it or not, each New Year presents new opportunities and the thought of that leave some excited and others anxious, as the “what if?” syndrome takes over.

Here’s the good news! With the remaining hours left till the clock strikes 12, you can set yourself for success in the coming year by rolling up your sleeves and getting started ASAP.

We compiled a list to things you might need to pay attention to in 2019;

Review your goals — short and long-term:

Most successful people today are highly skilled at setting goals. Not just the ones they can meet in a short while, but also the ones that push them to stay focused for the long haul.

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Goal(s) reviewing should be done on a regular basis, not just at the beginning of the year and it is important to ensure that daily activities help you to accomplish short-term goals, which will help lead to the accomplishment of broader, larger goals and objectives. Note that it’s okay to change directions and shift your deadlines. Make adjustments, as needed, based on where you see yourself in one, five, and ten years and ensure that short- and mid-term goals align with the long term goals.

Plan to nurture relationships:

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How many new contacts did you make in 2019. Did you make any deliberate effort to nuture your relationship with someone or people you came across at meetings, exchanged emails with or met on a journey. If you look back, you might be surprised at the vast amount of networking that has gone unnoticed or ceased to continue. Consider this your wake-up call to check in.

Invest in yourself:

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If you can’t remember the last time you gave any thought to your LinkedIn profile, your resume or your skill set, you might have been paying more attention to others more than on yourself. This could subtly lead to complacency and burnout. We suggest you join a professional body related to work, take a virtual course, brush up your personal brand and other activities that will have you soaring ahead, instead of sitting pretty.

Reflect on lessons learned:

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Don’t let an experience go by without reflecting on the lessons learned. Pour yourself a glass of your favourite healthy drink, sit at the beach or go somewhere quiet and reflect on the good and even the ugly. Take note of your thoughts, discoveries and ways you can apply these lessons with intention as you move into the new year.

Make healthier choices:

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You’ve got only one life and you should do all you can to enjoy it. Note that the health decision you make today will either positively or negatively affect you in in the near or distant future. Start a new exercise program to help you become more active. Eat healthier, putting into consideration your budget.


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Like they say “The world is a book, those who don’t travel read only one page.” You don’t want to be stuck on page one. Do you? Make the most of your vacation, summer and other holidays to get to know other places, people and cultures. This is why it is important to plan ahead and save towards your tip if you have to.

Volunteer or join a cause:

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If you have never volunteered before, 2020 is posing as a fresh opportunity. Whether it is at a school, home, refugee camp or an animal shelter, there is always a need for help. Doing good without the thought of getting paid in return will make you feel so much better and happier.

Filter your clothes, shoes, books and other items:

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Instead of having a wardrobe filled with clothes that you’ve barely worn in two years, declutter and sell at a thrift store or donate. You will testify of an unexplainable mental peace.

Get a pet (or a plant):

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This is proof that you can care for something. It has been proven that having a pet makes one happier, so why not get yourself a little dog, a cat or a fish? Experts have confirmed that watching fish swim can lower one’s blood pressure. If pets are not allowed in your apartment, how about starting with a house plant?

Talk to your parents as often as possible:

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In the midst of the hustle and bustle, the tendency to forget Mom and Dad is almost inevitable. Plan ahead and mark your calendars, dates that you’re going to have a conversation with your parents.  You don’t know the value of what you have until it’s gone.

Start/End that relationship:

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Have you always had feelings for that special person? Don’t wait to express yourself because someone else might jump right in front of you. You don’t want to be looking at that person later and keep wishing you had spoken sooner. If you’ve never met the person, plan strategically on how to go about meeting the person.  It could be the other way round, especially if you’re unhappy in a relationship and have been procrastinating. Don’t allow yourself get into depression. Talk to an expert to know if things can smoothen up. If irreconcilable, please make the hard decision. You’ll figure out a way to make things work for you. No one should be in a win-lose or lose-lose relationship.

Save. Invest. Repeat:

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It is very important to have a safe cushion in the bank in case of emergencies and to boost your earning power. If you have been broke before, you won’t want to experience it again. Look at your long-term and short term goals and then act.

It’s better now than never. If you feel discouraged, staying down won’t get you to where you want to be. Pick up a pen and paper and get to work. Do ensure that your goals are placed at a position that you can see on a daily/weekly basis.

If you smashed your goals in 2019, please share tips with us in the comment section. Someone could benefit from it.

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