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Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder.

In a world where women pick up so many mixed messages each and every day from the media, family, friends and otherwise, many have spent so much (sometimes everything) to impress people, most especially, the men. This could be based on how women more often than not feel a need to be beautiful based on their desire to be loved and admired.

Thanks to the endless advertisements of look-enhancing products, some women are finding it hard to turn off the negative self-talk others have forced upon them. While some have found their feet because they got the right information, some others have made grave mistakes with scars to show for it.

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So, in a bid to control the damage and prevent further damage, we asked men what they think beauty is – figures, body and facial features, and weight – it could go a long way in changing some one’s perception of herself.

Here’s how men define beauty;
Sense of Humour:

Ken is a 29 year-old banker who says “ It’s simple for me – a good sense of humour. Once she has the ability to sometimes even laugh at herself and some mistakes she makes, I’m hooked. Complexion or size doesn’t matter.”

No Drama:

Timothy is a 35 year old Medical Doctor and he says “I don’t want drama. I’d rather she’s straight to the point with what she has to say. Some women just seem to drag a huge cloud of drama with them like a cloud of dust and that this is really unattractive to me.”

Can we connect?:

Efe is a 50 year old entrepreneur and he says “I don’t care if she’s white or black dressed to the nines or simple as long as she can connect with me. I just need to feel connected to her.”

Good Attitude:

Victor is a 43-year old broadcast journalist and he says “ The most beautiful thing about a woman is her attitude. Attitude far outweighs physical attributes to me. Most people won’t consider my wife really beautiful but the reason I still find her attractive is her attitude. When things are not all right she understands and strives to be on the same page with me. Attitude makes a woman beautiful.”


Alex is a 24 –year old graphic artiste and he says “Her smile is the first thing I notice and you can tell a lot about her personality from her smile. If it’s fake, she’s fake.”


Ahmed is a 35-year old secondary school teacher and he says “I think what makes a woman beautiful is her attitude to life. Does she see the glass half full or half empty. I love a woman who has a continuous positive energy. Yes, She doesn’t have to always be happy, but when she is experiencing hardship and can still see a silver lining, that’s absolutely beautiful.”

Ability to cook:

Abraham is a 52-year old mechanical engineer and he says “You know what makes a woman beautiful? When she cooks me dinner.”

Natural facial features:
David is a 21-year old student and he says “Dimples when she smiles makes her so endearing. They make me want to be her friend…and more.”

Accepting her body:

Patrick is a 28-year old digital marketer and he says “I think a woman who accepts her body the way it is, is beautiful. You can tell when she’s uncomfortable in her own skin. That’s not beautiful.”

Respect for others:

Chidi is a 30-year old cab driver and he says “ Yes! I love the boobs and ass and fine face but once I realize that she has a terrible way of approaching others, she becomes the ugliest woman to me.”

Graceful and intelligent:

Richard a media entrepreneur in his mid 30’s says “ My idea of a beautiful woman in order of importance is that she knows how to carry herself (graceful), is neat, is intelligent and exposed, knows how to hold her liquor and for appearances – tall, dark with an afro.”

What did you learn from these reactions? Please share with us in the comment section.

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