Tasting Wine and Faults

The four step tasting method is all you need to know.

You don’t need to be an expert to know what you taste and taste what you know: Look, Smell, Taste and Think.

When tasting wine, you are tasting for wine faults. Wine faults are primarily caused by poor storage and handling. These are the most common 6 wine faults. This is how you identify them.

The best controlled conditions are at 55°F, 70% humidity, and away from harsh lighting and sunlight. By far, a wine fridge is the most convenient way to safely store your wine.

Not only can you set the temperature for what you want, but you can also keep your wine out of harm’s way and in a safe place until you’re ready to drink it.

Having fun yet! This same simple technique used by wine professionals can be mastered. You just need to practice. Each new wine you taste is an opportunity to practice and drink up.

Contributed by Cycles Gladiators 


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