How to wear Agbada the right way….

Agbada is the Yoruba name for a type of flowing wide sleeved robe, usually decorated with embroidery, which is worn throughout much of Nigeria by men (and women now), such as kings and chiefs, and on ceremonial occasions like weddings and funerals. The Hausa name for the robe is Riga.

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It is a four-piece attire that is also found in the Republic of Benin, West Africa. It consists of a large, free-flowing outer robe (awosoke), an undervest (awotele), a pair of long trousers (Sokoto), and a hat (fìla).

This unique cloth is beautiful to wear, it elevates anyone from looking just ordinary to looking really sophisticated. However, there are rules to follow in other to achieve the sophisticated look, as a little mistake can spoil the overall look.

The rules are…

Do not wear socks with Agbada:

Wearing socks with agbada is a total fashion faux pas.

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Wear a gold necklace:

For a better effect, the gold neck should be worn inside and only visible from the sides of the neck and back.

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Do not wear a heavy wrist watch:

Agbada is a bulky attire on its own, so there will be no need to add another heavy wristwatch as its size may distract people from the outfit.

Never wear a ‘lace-up’ shoe with agbada:

They look untidy and inelegant and graceless.  The Same way one can’t wear a pair of sneakers with buba and Sokoto, or agbada with bowler hats.

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Wear a complimentary head gear:

The hat can be any colour of your choice but make sure it doesn’t conflict with the colour of your Agbada.

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What local attire do you love? Share with us in the comment section how to put on such.

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