For men: How to rock a bag….

Nothing ruins a man’s outfit like a set of bulging front pockets—absolutely nothing!

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Thankfully, your pockets don’t have to suffer the burden of your keys, phones and wallets anymore because the fashion world is ripe with stylish bag options for men, from cross body bags to backpacks and even totes.
Here are tips on how to rock any bag for any occasion and still look like a man.

The backpack is one of those fashion pieces that have become considered and coveted purchases in the last decade. Depending on your lifestyle, it could be a smart backpack for business-casual commuting, a rugged companion for weekend pursuits or a training buddy for your gym kit. Guess what? You can now personalize your bags as tailored services are available.

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Tote Bag:
The tote bag is roomy enough to stow your gym gear yet sleek enough that you might still get the attention of a roving street style photographer.
This can be your beach bag, work bag and shopping bag all in one.

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Weekend Bag:
Whatever your travel plans are, a weekend bag suggests a man of taste and leisure.
The travel bag is perfectly spacious for stowing your wardrobe and travel essentials, it doesn’t have to live under the bed between trips.

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I’m pretty sure the first picture that came to your mind is a stereotypical image of a bowler-hat-wearing British gentleman somehow carrying an umbrella, a briefcase, a newspaper and a smoking pipe all at the same time. Well, I’m glad to announce that that’s a bit of an outdated concept. However, his leathery receptacle is still relevant today for the stylish man.
A smart briefcase is practical and can last you a lifetime if you buy a good one.

Cross-body Bag:
The cross-body bag is probably the most practical everyday bag on this list as it is perfect for what most men actually carry around these days – phone, keys, and wallet.
It adds a flash of unexpectedness to an outfit and can be paired with everything from tracksuits to tailoring.


Messenger Bag:
No more will the messenger bag be synonymous with paperboys and sloppy, middle-aged commuters.
This smart messenger bag keeps its utility with a dash of aesthetics. It is great for transporting laptops, paperwork and well, your lunchbox.

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Laptop Bag:
This bag is not only a necessity for protecting your computer, but it can also serve as an extension of your look. Selecting some stylish luggage to house your laptop can help to complement your outfit and even spice up a boring office outfit.


Gym Bag:
A gym sturdy sack is essential for getting your towel, trainers and protein from workspace to free weights in one piece.

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Now you know women do not have the monopoly of this all-time fashion piece. Men can rock bags too.

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