7 Amazing Productivity Apps To Have On Your Mobile Phone…

With a tap on the screen of the phone in your palm, applications can give you the power to cut down time spent on small tasks and increase productivity.

For the purposes of this post, a productivity app is any piece of software that allows you to get more tasks done in less time. They are worth having and will save you hours of precious time when used consistently.

However, like your fingers, not all apps are created equal, and it’s important to sit and think about which areas of your life you would like to become more productive in for 2019, then download the app(s) that meets such need(s).

In no particular order, out of hundreds, here are a few of the top productivity-increasing apps available today.

This writing-assistant saves you grammar embarrassment. Grammarly is a must-have not only for writers but for everyone. It checks grammar, spelling and gets context-based suggestions to improve your messages, documents, articles and anything else that contains letters of the alphabet. There is a free version with limited offers. The paid for version is like an English teacher right in your palm.


As humans, the tendency to forget conversations and ideas will never end. This is why tools like GNotes, Google Keep and OneNote, to mention a few, falls under the category of a must-have. Everyone needs a note app – student, unemployed, entrepreneur, marketman/woman, CEO etc to scribble ideas and notes from conversations. With this app, you can attach images, documents and other files.


Truth be told, focusing on your tasks is sometimes difficult to do because there are lots of distractions on the Internet. Momentum is a browser extension that keeps you focused on what you’re doing until you get it done. Whenever you want to click on another tab, it pops up to remind you to stay on track. Isn’t that awesome?


Slack is a collaboration tool that simplifies communication with all your team members. It is especially useful for remote teams, as it enables communication as if all team members were in the same place.

With Slack, you can create different channels for different projects and topics, and then invite all the relevant people to join these channels. You can also share, documents, images, videos and other important files without attachment or links. Corrections, additions and multiple input can be made on these files without having to upload and download.


Google Calendar:
Google Calendar is a simple yet superb online calendar that functions offline, helps you create and maintain a schedule in just a few clicks. All you need to do is enter your tasks by day and hour, and this tool will notify you when you should start working on these activities, and when your deadlines approach.

With the Google Calendar, you can schedule meetings, organize events, add attachments, and make Hangout video calls.

This tool is available on iOS and android.

Google Calendar

Google Map:
Google map is a must have!  It is an app that can save you the embarrassment of having to blame traffic for arriving late for an appointment. It is also very useful for finding places you are not familiar with. With Satellite imagery, the real-time look of the location you’re headed to will be shown on the app. It tells you the shortest possible route to take when there’s traffic and calculates your travel time.

Google Map

Wunderlist lets you create to-do lists you can then share with family, friends, or coworkers — who have the app as well. The user experience (UX) doesn’t get messy, even when both people are working on a list at the same time. It is a collaborative multiple-award to-do list app. It is also actually fun to check things off and watch your partner check things off at the same time and both of you can see the changes real time.


These apps/tools are endless, therefore, when you see an app or tool that looks like what you need, read the description and review to ensure that it fits your needs. You don’t have to download every latest tool to get your work done, except for review purposes. Less is more most of the time except in the cold!

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