The Perfect Example Of Chinese Serenity: Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou

We can already imagine the mist covering the Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake, with placid waters somehow hinting towards ultimate relaxation and stress relief, which is not really far from the truth.

Boasting a mesmerizing blend of ancient Chinese serenity and modern-day luxuries, this magical place will haunt your dreams forever.

With a steaming cup of tea keeping you company, as you await the sun to charge your batteries with its warm life-giving rays, and the trees and bamboo reminding you they’ve witnessed much more than that, you realize you’re just a small part in today’s world.

But is that a good thing or bad?


At the Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou, coming across a moment of introspection and inner peace like that is not that rare of an event.


Offering 81 beautifully decorated rooms, along with five suites and three residential-style villas, this place allows guests to experience a modern take on the traditional Chinese architecture, which is to say a revamped sense of Zen atmosphere.

The hotel’s extraordinary spa will surely help you in the pursuit of a pure state of mind, with nine treatment rooms dishing out Asian and Chinese therapies. Mens Sana in Corpore Sano as the iconic quote says; although the Japanese probably don’t speak a word of Latin, they surely understand the need for a healthy lifestyle and food.


As such, visiting Jin Sha for Shanghainese, Cantonese and classical local cuisine might be a good idea; also worth checking out is WLB, for Asian cuisine, and the Lobby or Bar. Either way, we’re sure the Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou will make you get into that zen state of mind.

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