The Esuwa Rivers

Never had I been to the beautiful island of Esuwa until last weekend. My maternal grandmother is from there. It is located on the far East of Africa and it takes a boat to get there from the neighboring island where the airport was located. It was unlike any island I had ever seen. My siblings and I were very excited to visit the there and see grandma Sarah after so long. We were greeted with the very warm sun upon approaching the shores and a tingly spicy scent wafted through the air. Thankfully we were clad in soft light clothes as this vacation was going to be a hot one, I could already tell. There weren’t many tourist for some reason although this contributed to the calm serene environment. 

We took an open roofed cab to grandmas house where we rested and unpacked. The rest of the evening was spent sight seeing and getting familiar with the island. The islanders were very friendly and hardly intruded on our personal space. The next day we had lunch at one of the few 4 star restaurants on the island, The Mano Cuisine. We were served really nice, although a tad bit spicy, dishes. All of whose names I cannot pronounce. The Esclubar fish and sauce was my favorite. 

In the evening of our last night, after souvenir shopping, we were taken to the Esuwa Rivers, the main tourist attraction of the island. The waters were blue as the sky and slightly cold compared to the rest of the hot island. Little multicolored fish swam around our feet nibbling gently and scurrying away at sudden movements. The gentle waves were therapeutic to the soul. 

This weekend was amazing on the island of Esuwa, wish you were there. The rivers would be missed the most. 

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