Safety tips for solo travellers….

Travelling opens you up to a new world of experiences, tastes and people.  You might have gone on exciting trips with family and friends when you were younger however, you now want to go on that trip all by yourself. Now, that’s a different kind of exciting.

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The thought of travelling alone can be equally exciting and daunting. On one hand, you’re thrilled by the attraction of new experiences and on the other hand, you’re anxious about your safety.

So, you have made up your mind about to embark on one of your biggest adventures, your luggage is packed, flights booked and a countdown timer is set on your phone for your epic solo travel adventure.

Let IBIENE take you through a few tips for staying safe while travelling solo.


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The first action to take is to research the location in which you intend on staying in. Read online sites, watch YouTube videos and ask family and friends should they have visited before.

Have duplicates of documents:

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Scan copies of your important documents and email them to yourself or upload them to the cloud so you always have them, just in case. Never ever give your passport to anyone. Some vendors require that you give your physical passport as a form of a “deposit” e.g to renting a scooter. If that is the case, find a different rental where you can leave a cash deposit instead of your passport. Remember; you need your passport to get home!

Get travel insurance:

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A lot of people take this for granted but this is a must! Whether you are out of town for 6 months or taking a weekend trip with your friends, getting travel insurance before you travel is necessary. It helps protect both you and your belongings. You don’t want to leave a country with some hefty medical bills in your back pocket.

Arrive during the day:

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It is best to arrive at an unfamiliar place during day time. The first port of call might be your hotel or the accommodation in which you plan on staying at. It is best to arrive there when you can easily see how the area is in daylight. At least, see the environment you’ll be spending the night in.

Share your itinerary:

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It is wise to share a copy of your itinerary with a trusted family member or friend with updates as well. If you leave your hotel for some other place, let them know when you’re expecting to get back.

Blend in with the locals:

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You’re less vulnerable when you don’t stick out too distinctly. Walk with confidence! Try and avoid attracting too much attention. When paying for things, don’t get the wad of cash out that you just withdrew from the bank machine. Plan your route from A to B before you leave, and try not to look too lost. Never forget that politeness is never more important than safety. No matter how poorly looking people in your host country are seen to be, be respectful!

Snap now, post later:

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Save those social media posts for after you have left your location. When you’re travelling solo, it is advisable not to post photos in real-time. You never know who’s following you, especially when you tag locations. It’s best to post after you leave the location to be safe. There are exceptions like travel bloggers and related duties.

Trust your gut:

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We know travelling is a great time to meet new people and make friends from across the world, but walk away whenever you sense discomfort maybe, someone is being overly friendly with/to you, stalking you or being too aggressive. Not everyone can be or should be trusted.

Are you a constant solo traveller, kindly drop a few tips in the comment section so we can all learn from your experience.

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