Other 6 Best Places To Have Road Trips In Africa

In our previous posts (You can read it Here), we shared how one of the best feelings in the world is hitting the open road with a few friends and some good tunes. So we compiled 6 more places in Africa that you grant you the beauty of the open road.  

Malawian Coastline.

While Malawi’s roads may not be as flat as Nambia’s or as scenic as Morocco’s, they do offer the stunning shoreline of Lake Malawi to the adventurous traveler. Stretching for hundreds of miles from north to south, dozens of lakeside paradises await to be discovered. Nearly anywhere you stop will have some form of accommodation, seafood, and excellent white sand beaches. Strap a kayak to the roof or bring your snorkel equipment and you’ll never get bored here


Kenya is one of Africa’s most visited countries, and for good reason too! World class wildlife and safaris, excellent cultural activities, and plenty to offer visitors of all ages. Most let a safari company do all the work for them, others hop in packed matatus to get around. But Kenya has an excellent road network and you can even drive through some of the national parks yourself (Hell’s Gate for example) with wildlife within arm’s reach. Northern Kenya and the coast are particularly awe-inspiring. Just make sure you check the security situation in both areas first.


Madagascar is one of Africa and the world’s hidden gems. The fourth largest island in the world is difficult to get to and doesn’t necessarily have the best road system. There is just so much to do and see here though. Which is why really taking some time and renting a car is the best way to do it. With a map, a friend or two, and your own pace, this enormous and incredible island isolated by geography and history is yours to explore!

The Gold Coast.

Another bright spot in West Africa, Ghana, Togo, and Benin comprise Africa’s Gold Coast. With great beaches and plenty of culture, these stable countries have plenty to offer. Besides dozens of beach side towns, if you head a bit into the interior (particularly in Ghana), you’ll find the massive Lake Volta, not to mention parks and history.


Until quite recently, Tunisia was a holidaymaker’s favorite in North Africa due to it’s sunny beaches, ancient ruins, desert vistas, and relaxed attitude towards Westerners. Thankfully, it’s still a great place to hit the open road with Roman ruins, endless beaches, and a great highway system that stretches deep into the Sahara.

Drakensberg Mountains.

We’ve already covered all that Western Cape in South Africa has to offer. But if you think the country’s routes end there, you’re mistaken. Driving through the Drakensberg Mountains in northeastern SA will transport you to another world. Snow-capped peaks, unique flora found nowhere else in the world, and endless valleys await around every switchback. While there is plenty of opportunity for hiking, safaris, and more in South Africa, driving through the mountains stopping for photo-ops and staying at small guesthouses is what makes this road trip the adventure of a lifetime.


Now knowing all your options, what would be the best place for you to have a road trip?

Tell us in the comment box below. 

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