How to celebrate a different kind of Christmas….

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Have you ever dreamt of a virtual Christmas?

Hosting 2020 alone has been no small feat and the with biggest celebration season almost here, there is the indication that everyone is at risk of plunging back to level zero.

As much as we would like for things to become normal during this holiday, planning for Christmas 2020 requires a little more work to keep our loved ones healthy and happy.

Despite the fact that the vaccine has been rolled out, everyone must stay vigilant over the holidays. Here are some tips to keep our spirits up and the risk of becoming infected with coronavirus down.

Safe ways to celebrate the holidays:

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Check your country’s infectious disease control website:

If you want to be as safe as possible this holiday season, but you’re not sure what the best strategies are, the Centers for Disease Control in your country offers easy-to-follow guidelines on its website for managing holiday celebrations and small gatherings this winter/summer/harmattan. Take the time to check it out.

Try a virtual celebration:

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With the increasing coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths on the rise across the globe, the safest way to celebrate is to do it at home with people who live with you, according to the CDC. But if you want to extend the celebration to people who don’t live with you, a virtual celebration is the option that poses the lowest risk. Even small in-person gatherings are risky because some people are asymptomatic. If you must have a physical gathering, let it not be a crowd, not indoor and a lot of social distancing as experts have said that duration of the gathering is a factor too, as those exposed to someone with COVID-19 for 15 minutes or more significantly increases the risk of contracting the virus.

Drive-in movie night: 

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You can host or attend a Christmas-themed movie night to get in the holiday spirit. Drive to a spot, sit in your car and enjoy a bowl of popcorn.

Baked goods drop-off: 

This is one social distancing Christmas idea to keep your family busy. With baking, you’ll keep the kids occupied all day in the kitchen and then all night driving to friends and family’s houses to drop off your sweet treats. You can decorate the package with crafted Christmas cards and beautiful notes.

Keep kids busy: 

This is so they’re not tempted to go out. After they wash their hands, give kids a task to keep them busy like folding napkins, making place cards, foraging pine cones, or arranging evergreens.

Please note that;

Decorations aren’t the only important supplies you’ll need during this Covid-19 Christmas party year. Purchase extra cleaning supplies and sanitizers when setting your budget. Make your list and shop early to avoid the holiday rush on essentials like:

Hand sanitizer: 

Set up hand sanitizer stations at all entrances or exits (you can place bottles at every corner possible so it is within reach), in the kitchen, and in bathrooms. It should be alcohol-based hand sanitizer that’s at least 60 per cent alcohol.

Paper towels: 

This is important as people will be washing their hands on a regular basis. It also, helps them not to touch their face with their hands- they can use the towel instead. Swap regular hand towels for single-use disposable paper hand towels.

Disposable tableware: 

Rather than go through the stress of washing and sterilizing utensils, you can get disposable ones instead. It’s safer! Everything goes into the wastebag—stock up on paper plates, cups, napkins. No hassles!

Face masks: 

Ask guests to come with their facemasks, but have extras on hand for anyone forgets. You can add a little touch by creating a festive Christmas masks.

If friends are coming over, other things you can do although at this period, this is highly discouraged;

Along with hosting outdoors or avoiding overnights, there are other ways to minimize exposure and social distance while you’re celebrating with your loved ones.

Skip welcome hugs:

Just go for elbow or fist bumps instead.

Limit surface exposure: 

Limit how much surfaces guests have to touch. Wipe down tables and disinfect surfaces regularly throughout the event.

This year may be unlike all others, but there is no reason why we can’t enjoy the holidays while looking after our own and loved ones’ health and well-being.

How do you plan to enjoy the holidays? Do share with us in the comment section.

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