Agbokim Waterfalls: A wonder of Cross Rivers….

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The waterfall is nature’s laughter. – Unknown

The earth is filled with some of the most amazing scenes if only more people could see it. Beyond the noise of the city, bustling commercial streets, fumes from automobiles and blasts from loud speakers, there are places that you step into and you feel as one with mother earth. One of those places is the waterfall.

Follow Ibiene on a journey to Agokim Waterfalls in Cross River State (South-South), Nigeria.

The waterfall is made up of seven streams, which falls wildly over steep cliffs, providing seven-faced falls. Agbokim Waterfalls sits on the cross river and descends in (what some claim is) the middle of the tropical rainforest. The rainforest is picturesque with lush and green scenery.

History of Agbokim Waterfalls:

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Oral history has it that the Agbokim Waterfalls area can be traced back to the early 1900’s when a hunter named NTankum discovered the fall area. He brought his families – nuclear and extended who were then living in a mountainous area to inhabit the water-fall area. These early inhabitants are all Ijagam people who are said to have migrated from another village called Inagu. This newly found complex river that also serves as a border between Cross River (Nigeria) and Cameroun helped provide water which could be boiled, to form salt; forest for hunting and food crops for consumption as they gathered and shared in common with each other.

Since then, the families have grown into a tribe. The development of Agbokim waterfalls dated far back before the advent of tourism development in the country. More exposed members of the Agbokim community have been working collectively to make the waterfalls a developed area by discouraging deforestation and encouraging afforestation as the source of the river is from remains of plants and animals. They also encouraged afforestation, which aids increase in the volume of water.

The community waterfalls area is a major source of foreign attraction as it serves as recreational centre where entertainment and relaxation take place.

When to visit Agbokim Waterfalls:

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Although you can visit the falls at any time of the year, to get the best out of your trip to Agbokim Waterfalls, you are advised to visit during the rainy season. Some tourists are lucky to catch a glimpse of the rainbow across the falling shinny sheets of water. Rainy season in the area occurs between April and September, with a short break in August. You should also wear a non-slippery footwear that are also water-resistant and would enable you to climb the rock. Its proximity to neighbouring Cameroon provides an opportunity for a cross-border experience.

Tourists who desire to have an amazing experience with nature should pay a visit to Agbokim waterfalls – the Seven-faced wonder.

Is there any beautiful scenery in your community? Do share with us in the comment section.

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