Windows vs Mac: Which is best for you?….

With so many work computers in the market, selecting a device goes beyond the simple choice of Mac or PC. Evaluating devices that fit your needs and use is the most critical decision you can make.

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Don’t let the adverts fool you. There are tonnes of key factors to consider when deciding between a Mac or Windows, from the software experience to the range of machines available in each ecosystem.

Here are things to know before buying your next laptop;

Consider software:

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MacBooks can sync up easily to your iPhone and iPad, allowing you to access things such as calendars, contacts, notes and even text messages across devices. You can start a task on your iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch and finish it on your Mac.

Meanwhile, Windows 10 is the most popular operating system in the market from budget entry-level notebooks to high-end gaming systems from a variety of manufacturers. Windows 10 is arguably the more flexible of the two operating systems and comes optimized for touch on supported touch-screen laptops and convertible 2-in-1 devices which Apple currently doesn’t offer.

Consider Performance:

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Nothing is more irritating than the spinning wheel of frustration when you are trying to get something done, fast. The speed performance gap between Windows XP and Mac OS X can be pretty high for apps that aren’t built into Intel-based Macs. Newer Macs are more efficient, so the gap between the operating systems has shrunk, but Windows XP still beats older versions of Mac OS X.

Consider budget:

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Price will likely be one of your main concerns when buying a new laptop.

Apple’s current MacBook lineup is simple and streamlined, but the company’s laptops aren’t affordable to most people. Windows laptops, on the other hand, run the gamut from a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars. If you just need something for basic web surfing, email and word processing, and affordable machines you shouldn’t worry about affordability. However, those who need to do heavier multitasking have to part with more cash than the former.

Consider apps:

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Both Windows and macOS have access to most major web browsers, productivity suites and creative applications, but for those who need something more niche, the differences matter.

Macs are popular among music producers, while photo and video editors might be drawn to MacBooks as well, thanks to popular Apple-only apps like Final Cut Pro and Pixelmator. If gaming is your priority, however, Windows wins by a landslide here.

Consider security:

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Having a great device will mean close to nothing when hackers get to you. That is why it is critical to look for devices with layers of security features, defence capabilities, and support to help build resilience against viruses and cyberattacks. Most experts would vote for the mac as the safer option because of its closed ecosystem but according to the 2020 State of Malware Report by Malwarebytes, the volume of security threats for Mac endpoints in 2019 was nearly double the number on Windows endpoints. On top of that, there was an overall higher prevalence of threats on Macs, more than 400 per cent over the previous year. Windows 10—with built-in Windows Security—provides the latest antivirus protection, allowing you to take advantage of increased security no matter where you are or how you use your device.

There are other factors to consider but from the salient factors above, you should understand and make your purchase, based on priority needs.

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