Valentine’s Special: Unusual Gift Ideas for The Woman In Your Life

Be the hero of the day in your woman’s life with unique gifts she didn’t even think of. If you would to give your partner (or mother) something a little more unusual than flowers and a teddy this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got plenty of unique Valentine’s gifts that should tickle your fancy. From innovative gadgets to personalised keepsakes, this section contains present ideas that you simply won’t have thought of.

Heart-Shaped Umbrella


She’ll think of you every time it rains when you get her this heart-shaped umbrella. Not only is it super cute but it is functional as well, and will keep her dry and warm when the day is otherwise wet and gloomy. It will be the best umbrella walking down the street.

FitBit Charge


This is the latest release of the FitBit tracking device, and it will help keep tabs on the fitness activities she does during the day, as well as show when she’s getting the best sleep. Showing an interest in her health and fitness shows you care and want her to live her best life.

Aromatherapy Gift Set

KIS oils

Here’s a way to transport her to another plane of existence without having to leave the house. With this gift set she can choose from an array of essential oils, each with their own distinct scent that elicits different reactions when you smell them.

Pink Tool Set


With this pink tool set you’ll be empowering her to handle small tasks and projects around the home or her place. At the very least you’re making it so you’ll have the tools you need to do the small tasks and projects she asks you to do around the home or at her place.

Space Saving Massage Chair

Hammacher Schlemmer

Give her a massage without actually having to do the work when you get her this space-saving massage chair. Just don’t be offended when she says it does a better job of massaging her than you do. Even though it’s a space-saver, it’s still big enough to get comfortable in

Sculpted Jewelry Tree


Help her sort through her jewelry with this sculpted jewelry tree that features spots for all of her different items. The branches make a great place for rings, bracelets, or necklaces, and each little twig can hold rings or more necklaces or bracelets.

Acupressure Foot Massager


Let this foot massager do the hard part for you and you’ll still come out looking like the good guy because you’re the one that got it for her. Of course you can still rub her feet to show affection, but this foot massager will already have worked out the major soreness.

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