Trends that will shape 2022: Work….

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The beginning of every year presents itself as a new season. This is where we all have to pay attention because there will be new ways of doing things- experts call it trends.

In the first of this series, we will take a look at some major changes that will happen especially at the workplace.

These megatrends will impact the way people will carry out their responsibilities at work in 2022 and beyond;

Exponential growth in Enterprise Leadership:

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If you have noticed, businesses are beginning to move away from a command and control structure to a more collaborative style in which common goals are set and accomplished and staff are encouraged to bond to achieve them.

“Flexible work”:

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Forbes noted that remote jobs listings grew by 357 per cent in 2021, and many companies adopted flexible workplace practices. This is the same request that working women with family lives have been asking for, for decades.

Hybrid working:

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Since the pandemic hit, companies have begun to get used to the hybrid model. Since companies are beginning to resume and recover, more employers are beginning to adopt the “best of both worlds” approach – which is mixing working from home and working from the office. So, in 2022, it’s more likely that workers will have the choice rather than being forced to align with whatever model your organization has chosen out of necessity.

More Focus on EQ than IQ:

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Emotional Quotient is commonly called Emotional Intelligence in today’s parlance, with the implications of this shift being profound. Companies are paying more value on EQ while the initial value placed on IQ will reduce. The purpose of this represents the need to be more human and empathetic towards employees and customers. So, employers are placing greater emphasis on ensuring the right personality types are hired and are considering how to attract younger workers – who instinctively understand emotional intelligence over their predecessors.

Social Media Skills:

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With predictions coming true about the rise and stay of social media, managers now encourage staff members to use social media as a collaborative platform, while some have gone as far as ensuring that those with social media skills are given preference. This is because all customers are now online and regardless of when content is published, one thoughtless tweet or post has the power to ruin a company’s reputation.

Preparing for roles that don’t exist:

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A recent study by the World Economic Forum forecasts that 65 per cent of school children will, in future, be employed in jobs that don’t yet exist. If you’re very observant you would have realized that most in-demand roles in today’s workforce did not even exist five or ten years ago, showing the rapid pace of industrial change.

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality:

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With the birth of Metaverse and Blockchain technology, it is now obvious that AI and AR are here to stay. A variety of forecasts estimates the percentage of job roles at risk of being automated, with highs at 47 per cent and lower estimates at 14 per cent and this will bring about huge job losses anyways.

Future-proof yourself for the world of work in 2022 and beyond.

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