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As the world still celebrates the new year, it is still grappling with new variants of the pandemic and the uncertainties that come with it. This is why necessity which is the mother invention will through technology modify the way we interact with individuals and things.    

Since the world will continue to see an accelerated rate of all this automated and digital, there is the need to understand the Tech trends that will shape 2022 and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence everywhere:

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Today and going forward, connectedness is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) which is generally about machine learning algorithms, capable of helping us in increasingly innovative ways. For example, smart cars use facial recognition algorithms to detect whether we are paying attention to the road and alert us if we’re getting tired. Smartphones use AI algorithms to do everything from maintaining call quality to helping us take better pictures, and of course, they are packed with apps that use AI to help us do just about anything. Even smart toilets are on their way – capable of helping to diagnose gastrointestinal issues by using computer vision to analyse stool samples!

 ‘Metaverse’ craze:

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Facebook parent company Meta may have generated the most buzz with its foray into the metaverse. The metaverse is a theoretical shared space where people can hang out in virtual reality. 2022 will be a race into the metaverse as large tech companies wrestle for slices of an emerging market.

Electric vehicles are coming mainstream:

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This year, electric vehicles will transition from cutting edge to standard issue, since infrastructure that supports EV charging is proliferating. Electric models from household names, such as Ford, Mercedes-Benz and General Motors, Volkswagen will make EVs accessible to more people at lower prices.

Telemedicine and Auto-health:

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Clinicians are already starting to use individual biometric data, that is, data from our bodies — to prevent, diagnose and treat health problems. With more health wearables measuring our hearts, lungs, sleep, steps, calories and even sweat, we’ll start doing the same at home. In 2022, you may use a ring on your finger to see how regular cardio exercise affects your sleep, or a bracelet to monitor your blood pressure. And, knowing CES, we’re sure to hear a lot about these more insightful wearables over the next few days.

Gene-editing and synthetic biology

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Gene editing happens when “bad” genes, that could endanger the health of an organism or its descendants, are detected. Thanks to new gene-editing technology, these harmful characteristics can, in theory, be altered and could deliver some drastic leaps forward in the fight against disease in humans, and other living organisms.

3D printing:

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From plastic, metal, powder, concrete, liquid, even chocolate, everything can be printed. Even an entire house can now be 3D printed with running water, electricity – it would be like a normal house. 3D printing gives manufacturers the ability to make things that can’t easily be produced with traditional methods, streamline the manufacturing process, and create highly personalized products while eliminating waste and reducing costs.

Immersive entertainment:  

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As real-time rendering begins to hit the benchmark for photorealism, new forms of interactive movies will appear where the user can choose to be part of the story and experience it from a first-person perspective. Currently, this is found in high-budget PC games, where the experience is cinematic, and the user makes choices that impact the narrative. Expect more in the passive-to-interactive entertainment arena soon.

The list gets inexhaustible on a day-to-day basis. But understanding these trends can help you key into what’s happening and make the best of it.

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