SIx Simple Smart Phone Maintenance Tips….

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Since smartphones have been upgraded from a communication tool to becoming a personal assistant, it’s high time you began to take good care of them so they can serve you well.

If you’re the type that enjoys upgrading your phone every year, because you can afford to and want to try something different as soon as possible or you’re the type who wants to get every last drop of value from a device before moving on you’ll need to take care of that device you keep with you almost all the time.

So, here are some recommended tips you can take to extend the life of any phone whether high end or very affordable;

Use recommended charging time:

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For Androids and iPhones, keep your phone charged between 40 per cent and 80 per cent. It is important to replace your charging cable, make sure it comes from the original manufacturer or a certified brand. Generic chargers might save you a few extra money, but they can also be extremely dangerous. You should restart your phone from time to time to give it a clean slate. And never let the battery overheat.

Take security seriously:

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No, it’s not about high-security doors and burglary proof, though that’s important. Smartphones can get viruses and malware unlike the iPhone which does not give its source code to developers, and consumers cannot easily modify the code on their own.  So, if you own an Android and think you might have a virus, look for signs such as pop-up ads hitting your screen too often, your battery draining too quickly, spikes in data usage, and unexpected apps appearing on your phone without you downloading them.

To get rid of a bad Android app, put your phone into Safe Mode as it disables third-party apps. The method for doing this may vary depending on your phone, but for most Android phones, it involves holding down the Power key and then tapping and holding Power off. Tap OK when prompted to reboot into Safe Mode.

To remove the offending app or any other app you don’t need, open Settings, tap on Apps, go through your list of apps, and tap on Uninstall. You can then restart your phone to get out of Safe Mode.

Clear out the unnecessary:

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Most times it’s cache. Delete the cache from whatever browser you’re using. If you’re using an iPhone, tap Settings, find your browser and tap Clear History and Website Data.

On Android, you can delete files by tapping on Settings, Storage, Free up space, pick a file to delete and check the empty box on the right. Then, tap Free Up at the bottom of the screen.

Don’t skip those app updates:

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In order to keep your phone running as fast and as problem-free as possible it is important to update the operating system and third-party apps as soon they’re released. These updates, which is done at the tap of the screen when prompted, don’t take long, and it comes with huge benefits: From fixing bugs and resolving security issues to changes that bring new features and improve overall performance so your device works more smoothly and quickly. 

Get a good case:

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Except you’re a phone purist, getting a phone cover or pouch is one of the smartest choices you can make. All you need do is ensure the phone, is covered in a protective case to help keep it from breaking when it inevitably drops. Paying for costly screen repair or swiping your finger over a spiderweb of cracks is sure to get you dreaming of buying a new phone or at least regretting that you didn’t get a case in the first place.

Keep the screen and ports clean:

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Even if you use a case, take a few minutes once in a while to clean out any lint or dirt in the charging port, microphone area, speaker grille and headphone jack, if your phone has one. You can use a toothpick to get in there and coax anything out. Just take it easy. Do not use force. You can use mild wipes to clean the screen, sides and back. You might not know, but this exercise helps with clearer camera shots.

Now that you know about these tips, go ahead and make your phone look and feel good to have you as its owner.

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