5 New Car Gadgets You Must Own If You Love Driving

Everyone loves road trips, whether you belong to the category of seasoned riders or simple wanderers, there is no doubt you might encounter certain issues with your vehicle. Be it a car or a bike, most of us might have stumbled on issues varying from road accidents to route mishaps and flat tires. If you are a real auto enthusiast and admire car rides then there are a number of cool gadgets on the market today that can help to prepare for unexpected road hazards.

From the innovative car HUD to smart car monitors, we present to you the best car gadgets that are capable of giving a pleasant and secure atmosphere when you are on the roads.

1. The Dual Dash Cam:

Dash cams have slowly became more useful on the roads to record the live footage while driving.    Sometimes, these live video footage may be the evidence in case you become a victim of an accident.

Some dash cams come with an additional camera and fall into the category of the new dual improved dash cams. Both type of cams, the front and rear camera are attached to the same housing. This cool car gadget is ideally built to replace the central rear view mirror and displays videos on the 3.5″  LCD Screen.

 The rest of the mirror area 7.5″ can be used as the rear-view mirror for the vehicle.

This dash cam is suitable for taxis, cab drivers, uber and limos for those who want to record inside the vehicle while driving. Both cameras can easily be turned to the desired degree without moving the dash cam. This dual dash cam records footages in HD quality(1080p) in 120 degrees and allows to rotate up to 180 degrees. The night vision feature favours auto enthusiast who does a lot of night driving.

2. Heads-Up Display & GPS Navigation:

Talking about the HUD, to be short is simply a digital transparent screen or projection that is projected onto the windshield/display panel (within the device) of a car. It displays all vehicle-related information that is seen on the dashboard. The HUDs can reduce the amount of time that people spent on looking around the car for their phones or checking the radio.

The HUD is an innovative alternative for those vehicles those don’t come with an inbuilt heads-up display. The heads-up display projects maps, messages and all car related info directly into its classy 6’ wide glass screen with its augmented reality technology.

The display doesn’t hinder with sunlight and hence produce bright and clear display. The best part is that the display doesn’t obstruct with the driver’s line of vision. Some HUDs  also support hand gestures. A simple wave lets you take calls; reject them and read messages instantly. The navigation facility is monitored by Google Maps.

3. The Wireless Charger Car Mount:

This is the time to have a wireless charger on your car if you have latest flagships from Apple or Samsung. The wireless charger comes with the new improved fast charging feature that charges your device with lightning speed. This cool car gadget is equipped with dual USB ports. It also comes with the latest Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 version and hence gives you  4X faster-charging speed. The dual or split USB ports help you charge two devices simultaneously not only mobiles but also iPads and tablets. The fast charging mode is compatible only with Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S7 Edge, S7, S6 Edge Plus and Note 5. In addition, the latest one is compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and other Qi-enabled devices.

Some wireless chargers also function as a phone holder. It helps you hold your phone intact to your car air vent so that you can use the phone for navigation and entertainment. It can also rotate 360 degrees to hold the phone at a perfect view angle while driving. The inbuilt temperature control helps you protect your device when it heats up( heating is quite normal when a device is plugged in). At high temperature(Approximately above 45 degrees), the charging process automatically snaps and protects your mobile from damage. This cool car gadget goes well with nearly all air vents and is easy to hook on horizontal and vertical blades.

4. Bluetooth FM Transmitter:

A Bluetooth FM transistor is a device which works like a bridge between FM and Bluetooth technologies. This cool car gadget can convert any outdated car audio into a Bluetooth Car Audio System without any additional wiring. Connecting this Car Bluetooth Gadget to your car’s 12V lighter outlet takes you directly into the game. The device comes with a small LED display that shows the playing FM frequency. The all in one button near the LED display help you answer calls, play and pause music and turn up/down the volume. This cool car gadget is also a mini mobile charger cum music streaming device.

Some  devices  have a dual USB port (port A and port B) which supports USB flash drive reading and mobile charging. The port A recognises your device and charges it with an optimal speed. Please note that the port A works as the charging port only and port B as the USB flash reader.  

Another feature is that it can Detect and display the voltage of car battery when it gets low and yes, the device works only when the car is on.

This cool car gadget works extremely well with all mobile devices with inbuilt Bluetooth feature. the list of compatible devices include iPhone 7 plus 7 6S 6 Plus iPad iPod, Android Samsung Galaxy S7, S6 edge, Blackberry, Sony, Nexus 5X 6P, Moto, MP3 MP4 Player etc

5. Blind Spot Mirror:

The last one on our list of the top car gadget is the blindspot mirror. This small and compact mirror comes in a round shape. With these blindfold mirrors, you can change lanes or see traffic behind much efficiently. This blindfold mirror is basically a convex lens combined with tiny adjustable joining column for easy installation.

It can rotate 360 degrees and produce clear images at any angle. The installation process is simple and doesn’t require any special skill. Being compact and small, it doesn’t hinder with the main mirror vision. The Flexible convex shape of blind spot mirror helps you to see the nearby surroundings clearly. The cleaning process is simple and after installation, it doesn’t really wobble and go off.

Better to be safe and cautious before we end up on the road with a flat tire or dead battery. We listed a couple of car gadgets those help you to take precautions while you drive.

Be careful and enjoy your trip with this auto accessories.

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