Fun Reasons why Foosball is the Best Home Sport

Table football, also called Foosball  is a table-top game that is loosely based on football. The origin of foosball started in 1921 by Harold Searles Thorton from the United Kingdom and he invented the game due to the popularity of football in Europe.


The popularity of the sport was spreading so rapidly Harold decided to make a game that people could play in their homes. Since Europeans called the real sport football, Harold decided to call his new creation “Foosball”. The game’s design inspiration came from a box of matches.

Table football is often played for fun in pubs, bars, workplaces, schools, and clubs with few rules. Table football is also played in official competitions organized by many national organizations, with highly evolved rules and regulations.

In 1976, Bobby Brown of Green Felt Billiards ended the season with 1305 points, the most ever recorded in a season.

Foosball is a widely-known sport all over the world. Tons of people  play foosball as they find it interesting and the rest are playing it on a professional level. 

Here are some reasons why Foosball seems so awesome; 

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It is a multi-player game:

Foosball is such kind of game where many people can attend at a single time. It is a superb way to invite buddies over an evening to get healthy competition and improve your adeptness in the game. There is no obstacle like weather to interrupt your game. Thus, every person playing this game could have the best fun of gaming.

The tables are affordable and easy to assemble:

The Foosball table is not as expensive as other playing equipment. Many tables are accessible in the market at a cheap rate in consideration with a professional level Foosball table. Its price varies with sizes and design not with facilities. Foosball is also very easy to assemble anywhere anytime. The pieces are just a table, some rods, and a ball.

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It’s great for a family game room:

Foosball is a tremendous fun and entertaining game. It helps to turn the exhausted and tedious evening alive. Locating a Foosball table in your gaming room, you get an excuse to gather and have fun with your family or buddies.

Foosball Pieces come in a variety of shapes:

If you are up to purchase a Foosball table but worry about the suitable size comparing it with your gaming room space. Then nothing to worry, Foosball tables come in with a variety of shapes. Tabletop version doesn’t need extended space; you could locate it on other table surface and enjoy. if you think that sizes differ with quality and durability, then you are wrong. With all sizes of Foosball tables, be well assured of the best quality and durability even if the table is small.

It’s a relaxing activity:

Foosball is a game that assures you great pleasure. After an extremely busy day, playing this soccer table game with your family can help you expel all the pent- up energy.

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The balls move super-fast:

Without the ball, Foosball table is not a game but a wooden piece. The main attraction of soccer table game is its ball’s fast movement. As we know, the entire fun lies in the ball’s fast forward movement to the goal. Compared with many other games, the foosball is a super-fast game indeed.

It enriches competitive skills:

Foosball is a game of challenge and competition. It offers to build competitive skills than any field of sports and life. As the result of the game is unpredictable, players of both teams play this game with full energy and enthusiasm to defeat the opponent. In this game, the position or age doesn’t mean anything but skills. Asides the fun of competition, It also helps players to know how to side track their opponent and take their best shot.

Foosball offers some health benefits:

Do you have any idea that the Foosball table offers some health benefits? You have to stand for a while to play this game and for anyone who’s spent the entire day in a chair, it definitely helps. As players also need to move their body and wrist while playing Foosball, their joint and body muscle improve. The player’s eye and hand coordinating also works in this game, and anyone with brain injuries could recover rapidly if they play regularly.


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  2. I loved how you mentioned that it is a game that can bring pleasure. My husband and I are planning on setting up a game room in our basement once it gets finished in a couple of weeks, and we were wondering if adding a foosball table would be beneficial. I really appreciate you helping me learn more about the reasons why you should have a foosball table.

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