Easy and Fun Bowling Tips For Curious Beginners

If you’re anything like me, you’ve never tried bowling before but every time you see it on TV, it fascinates you and you promise yourself to learn more about it.

Well, here’s an introduction to bowling.


First step?  Don’t Look at the Pins!

A rookie bowling mistake to make is looking at the pins. This is a huge beginner-bowler mistake. Most newbies say the pins are the thing to look at but it isn’t.

We’ve got here, the proper bowling etiquette for anyone with interest in this fun sport.bowling Bowling etiquette is very important. If you’re going to bowl seriously, or just bowl at all, please make sure you respect bowling etiquette.

It’s not very difficult, but people seem to not realize these few simple things:

  • Do not stand on the approach: The approach is the wooden area where you stand when you’re ready to bowl (in other words, where you go to “approach” the actual bowling portion). After you bowl or while you’re waiting to bowl, please step away. Never stand on the approach unless you are actually in the process of picking up the ball and bowling! As soon as the ball hits the pins, you should be making your way back to the area behind the approach (where the seats are). If you are to go again, you should continue to wait there and not step onto the approach until it’s your turn. This is very important and worth putting first because of it.


  • Wait your turn: Again, this is regarding the approach area. If there is someone bowling on the lane to either side of you, don’t step on the approach until the other person has started to bowl. As soon as they start their movement towards the foul line, you are allowed to step up. Not before!
  • Don’t use balls that aren’t yours: This should be a given! Don’t use other people’s balls without asking. Though, really, you shouldn’t even ask . . . it’s a bit awkward.


  • Don’t yell or shout things: It’s not cute at all but just annoying.
  • Don’t kick the ball: You would not want to find out why.
  • No mockery or taunting: Bowling is a game of respect, especially in leagues and tournaments.
  • Don’t hit or try to hit the pin-sweeper: This should be plainly obvious.
  • Don’t throw several balls at once: That would be funny!

Now, go out and have fun and share your comments with us!

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