Valentine’s Day Myths Debunked….

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Girl: Baby what’s in for us this val
Boy: I don’t believe in Val’s Day
Girl walk’s away with a broken heart.

Whether you are in a long term relationship or just starting out, don’t let the pressure of Valentine’s Day get you down.

The truth is most of us don’t know how the Valentine’s Day came about and what practices were done to celebrate the day in the past. Don’t let that history confuse, disappointment or leave someone with a broken heart.

Let’s look at some of these myths and do some debunking;

I don’t do Val’s Day so it’s okay to skip the day entirely:

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Even though there’s so much hype about Valentine’s Day, it’s important to make sure your significant other feels special during this day. You don’t have to overdo it but make sure to do something that shows you care.

Always do a fancy dinner: 

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While most people think going out to dinner at a nice restaurant on Valentine’s Day is the best, the busy PDA filled restaurants may be more stressful than romantic. This time around, try a special dinner at home or a wine night—something that gives you the opportunity to spend some quality time together.

You have to exchange gifts;

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It is not a must that you exchange gifts on Val’s Day, especially if you are in a new relationship. Just make sure to discuss it with your partner before the day so there are no surprises. Ask for how (s) he loves to be appreciated. Sometimes the best gift is such a simple less expensive one.

For married couples only: 

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Wrong! Please go have some fun. Who said only married people have the license to love?  In fact, more than 50% of people out that night are single. You never know who you may meet until you put yourself out there. And if you don’t feel like mingling with the love birds, do something special for yourself that day – a massage or manicure might work.

So dear, the single most important thing to remember on Val’s Day is to keep the pressure off. It’s a day created to celebrate love.

How do you plan to celebrate this Val’s Day? Please share with us in the comment section.

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