The Awesome Power of a Compliment….

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Never underestimate the power of a random compliment. – Anonymous

Being able to give compliments is an important social skill that needs to be practiced, just like other social skills.

Don’t get carried away yet. Compliments can come across the wrong way, so there is an art to it that we all need to master. In general, compliments need to be genuine and delivered in an appropriate tone. It’s best to find something you like about the person’s character or personality, rather than complimenting a physical trait or possession. If you are complimenting clothing or a physical item, saying something like, “I really like your t-shirt. The inscription on it made me laugh…” it’s better than just “I like your t-shirt.”

A genuine, meaningful compliment has the power to live in a person forever. A single sentence has the power to make someone else happier and, in some cases, change the trajectory of their life. That alone should spur you to give some compliments today beginning from your home.

You’ve got all the magic you need and this comes from your sincerity and genuine good will. Here are some things that should help make that happen.

Stay in the moment:

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As with all social skills, body language is extremely important. So, while giving a compliment, be sure to make eye contact and smile. Let your eyes smile too.

Be spontaneous:

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Don’t say the same thing over and again. Get creative.  Notice a good improvement with work, changes someone has made, or admirable attributes. If you are bringing up something you have planned to mention, allow for some spontaneity in how you talk about it.

Use just the appropriate dosage:

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Too much of everything, no matter how good can make one sick. Keep the compliment proportional to the specific thing you are mentioning or the situation.

Acknowledge when someone solves a problem or achieves a feat: 

A struggle can bring out the best in anyone and acknowledgement of the person’s effort can be particularly satisfying.

It’s not always about the appearance:

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While it might be nice to have someone notice a ‘good hair day’, it becomes inappropriate and disturbing when it is repeated over and again, making the people feel like they are being evaluated or judged on their looks alone.

Be generous with compliments: 

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Offer them to friends, family, and colleagues. You can start with the family. Unfortunately, that is the where people receive the least compliment. If that is your case, start this minute. Call up your spouse, child, parent and shower them with honest compliments. It might be awkward at first but you’ll be shocked at the change in attitude you might notice. Try a few on yourself while you are at it. Compliments make everyone feel good and they are free.

There are many reasons to give compliments, yet two stand out. The first amazing thing about compliments is that by simply expressing something you like about a person; you strengthen your bond with them and enhance your relationship. The second is that by giving a compliment, you can literally make someone’s day, week, or month, year or entire life!

Is there someone you want to compliment anonymously? Do share with us in the comment section.

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