Non-screen hobbies for Kids….

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Someone once said to punish a child, take away the screen from him/her. Whatever screen – Phone, tab, computer or TV. You know what follows- Downtime!

How true could this be?

So, whatelse can help keep these kids busy when they are off school? Since these days most kids spend their time on the screen, learning online.

Some parents, in order to have rest of mind or the time to do other things, hand over the remote to the kids and let them watch contents on tv or on the phone hours on end. That might not be a great way in child management, as experts say too much screen time can have a negative effect on children’s well-being.

To help the kids embrace other forms of entertaining activity, here are some fun, non-screen activities that can be done at home and great in supporting independent learning.


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Kids are adventurous. They love to try out new things and be creative. Crafting is a great way for your kids to let out their creative juices without you having to be right next to them. There are dozens of paper plate crafts, cupcake liner crafts, and so many other kinds that don’t require any extra supplies!

Read a book:

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This is more enjoyable if you read to them – especially the ones that can’t read yet. Look into audiobooks or books on tape they can listen to. If your child is old enough to read, have them read a few books. It will become a habit that they’ll thank you for later in life.

Go outside:

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Oh the freedom of running in the park, on the grass, in a free space! This helps them move their muscles which is good for their health. Whether they are just running around in the backyard, or riding their bike, have your kids spend some time outside each day.

Have them do chores:

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This is not the most fun but you can be strategic by letting them know that in order to earn screen time, they should do chores around the house. This can help with housework, and they will never complain that they’re bored again!’ it also gives them the confidence of being able to handle certain things let alone prepare them for the real world!

Colour! Colour!

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Colouring and drawing can be a great way to pass the time indoors without a screen. Colouring books and supplies are available in stationery stores.

Do a science experiment:

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There are tones of great science experiment activities out there! Go online, pick a safe one and get them busy. These can be a great way to keep your kids learning outside of school in a fun and interactive way.

Go on a scavenger hunt:

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Who knows? This could end up building a good detective skill in that child. If your kids are bored, why not change things up? Do a quick search, or create your own scavenger hunt for them to do. It can be for stuff around the house, outside, or anywhere you go.

Your kids don’t have to stay on a screen all day to be out of your hair and have a good time. There are a variety of ways they can still be entertained without a screen.

Do you have more tips we could use? Do share with us in the comment section.

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