Is September the most popular month for birthdays? ….

We know September is the first month of the school year but also found to be the most popular month for birthdays! How true is this?

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There have been several reported data sets that offer a picture of which days and months are the most common for births. Researchers at Harvard University examined births between 1973 and 1999, and found that the most common birth date for those years was Sept. 16. This was reported by the New York Times in 2006.

According to the study, the most common birthdays fall on the 9, 12 and 19 of September. In fact, the top ten birth dates fall in September, apart from one sneaky date in July coming in at number six.

Just outside the top ten is the 20th of December coming in at number eleven on the list.

Real data from the US National Health Centre for Health Statistics and the US Social Security Administration suggested the reason why this could be is that men have a higher quality of sperm during the winter months, making them much for fertile over the Christmas/New Year season. Also, the study postulated that changes in daylight length might make an ovum’s environment better suited for the sperm and since you do the math, turn back nine months to Christmas and New Year celebrations and that might just be your answer.

What makes September babies special;

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September’s babies are Virgos and Libras.

If your birthday falls at the beginning of the month, you’re a Virgo, best known for being practical, loyal, and organized. After the 22nd you’re a balanced, social, and fair-minded Libra. Virgos are like little walking encyclopedias, constantly gathering and sharing information. They’ve got incredible attention to detail. While their very-together personality should serve them well throughout their lives, Virgos can sometimes get a little too much into their heads and turn that discerning eye on themselves.

For those born later in September, Libra is the sign of partnership, so expect your little Libra to rack up lots of friends! Libras gravitate toward pretty things. Those born under this sign are always weighing their options to be as fair as possible. The downside is that in their quest for balance, sometimes Libras can be wishy-washy, and their love of people can make it hard for them to be alone.  

To cap it all, September babies are said to have an edge on the sports field.

IBIENE wishes all those born in September a fabulous birthday!

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