How to stay free of scandal….

Is a scandal-free life possible? Well, you’re here to find out how.


Every week it seems there is one scandal breaking out with a high-profile person, whether in politics, sports, media or in religion. A person could have done much good their whole life but with one act of passion destroy everything they have built and guess what? There are people waiting eagerly to spread the news.

So, in a world where people await bad news of people because it sells hotter than freshly baked bread, here are ways you can as much as possible, stay scandal-free.

Be self-aware and honest regarding your main temptations:

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The first step in avoiding temptation is to know what “rings your bell”! Every one of us has particular weaknesses that, if not kept in check lead us to the wrong turn.  What tempts one person may not be a temptation for another person. Thus, we need to be self-aware and not live in denial of our weaknesses.

If it’s a big ego then there is the need to be careful when people flatter or praise. If it’s sexual temptation, then avoid staying alone with an opposite or same-sex you’re emotionally attracted to. Carry a friend or colleague along. If it’s about money then there’s the need to have checks and balances in financial systems.

Have key mentors and friends that keep you down to earth:

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Having people you’re accountable to and whose lifestyles you admire is highly beneficial. These authorities are most times a good distraction away from hurtful thoughts and actions. You can as well join support groups.

Have systems in place that make it impossible to commit financial fraud:

Image ref: Don Dalrymple

When it comes to finances there needs to be a process in place that ensures that all expenditures are based on a pre-approved budget and/or procedures in place that make it necessary for you to obtain permission from a financial board when you are tempted to spend a certain amount of money not already allotted in the budget.

Furthermore, a qualified CPA should officially audit the books at least once per year to ensure transparency and accountability.

Learn from your past history and avoid anything negative from the past:

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Let your body move in the direction of your mind once the red light goes wild in your head. Your mind will help you remember you’ve been down a particular part and it’s up to you to respond to the alarm and move away from that direction to safety or find yourself regretting taking the bait again.

On a final note, be careful of what you say and do online. Someone can pick your words or action out of context and make a big deal out of something you’ve said or done with innocent intentions. Always ask yourself before posting “Will this add any value to my followers?” If you’re unsure, then don’t post.

Staying scandal-free starts with that little warning in your head. Listen to it and keep your secret a secret.

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