Funny facts about men; women should know….

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Men are not from Mars, neither are women from Venus. They’re the same species from the same planet – earth! But these genders certainly aren’t the exact same. The differences between men and women are real and important.

They serve different biological functions and even act different due to their psychological build. Sometimes conflict arise due to lack of understanding of a man by a woman and viceversa.
Ibiene curates funny facts about men we believe women should know.

Hard-wired to check out women:

Three men laughing while having a drink

Well, there’s almost nothing anyone can do about this fact. While often linked to aggression and hostility, testosterone is also the hormone of the libido, and men have six times the amount surging through their veins as women. Men ogle women as if on “auto-pilot.” Many women even complain that in the company of a man, they’re often forgotten for a brief moment until the “new” woman is out of their visual field.

Focused on solutions:

A man fixing plumbing

Some studies have proved wrong the theory that women are more empathetic than men. The empathy system of the male brain does respond when someone is stressed or expressing a problem. The “fix-it” region just takes over.
No wonder they tend to get pissed off when their partners nag.

More vulnerable to loneliness:

A man sitting alone in a pensive mood

While loneliness can take a toll on everyone’s health and brain, men seem particularly vulnerable. This is because men tend to reach out less than women, which exacerbates loneliness and the toll it takes on them.

They’re emotional too:

Two men sharing a hug

Studies have shown that while females are usually considered the more emotional gender, infant boys are more emotionally reactive and expressive than infant girls, researchers have found.
Adult men have slightly stronger emotional reactions, too but once the emotion reaches consciousness, men adopt a poker face. It is only when they can’t bottle it up anymore, that it they let it out in various form.

It’s much more than looks:

A man and woman holding hands

Women need to know that looks aren’t the only thing that matters to men. Although they feel good when their partner looks good, it becomes a turn off when too much emphasis is placed on looks. What they most times need is a deeper connection with them.


Dad plays pillow fight with kids

Daddy-specific ways of playing with their kids — a bit like what the child wants (rough), more spontaneity, more teasing. Guess what? Such plays helps in bonding. He won’t do it like mum who would rather talk to the child.

No list can be exhaustive enough to reveal what women should know about men. However, these are the basics. Having deep conversation and making effort to understand men can go a long way in reducing conflict.

Hey ladies! In what way have you misunderstood a man and what truth did you realise later? Please share with us in the comment section. Guys! You’re welcome to contribute too.

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