Do’s And Don’ts About Telling Her How You Feel.….

Women of this generation are pretty sophisticated. Telling her you like her requires strategy.

When you like her and want her to like you back, you start feeling a dying urge to tell her about your feelings. Well, that’s okay. But what you’re thinking about doing might not get you the desired results and response.

After many a chat with men, they agree that the most effective way to tell her you like her is using actions and reactions – not just words. Don’t get it twisted. When you like her and you’re feeling a bunch of emotions, if you wrongly “react” to your feelings by telling her straight up how you feel, she’s more likely to blow you off and not feel the same way in return. Your “words” aren’t as likely to spark attraction and get the result you want.

To help you avoid feeling like a loser with women, here are some dos and don’ts.


Spend Time With Her:
It will be pretty clear to her that you like her if you’re spending time and hanging out with her. Ask her for dates but first know what she likes. It will also make you know how to approach her about the subject matter better.

Be Playful: When you’re interacting with her in a lighthearted, playful, and fun manner, you’re saying, “I like you, I think you’re cool.”

Appreciate her friendship:
When you remind her that you are thankful you are friends, this just keeps the door open for something more.

Ask her out: Make sure you are specific and give her a time and a date, don’t be wishy washy. If she wants more, make sure you make it official with a special date out together.

Have Some Balls and Be Direct: How long do you want to keep using non-vocal gestures? Make sure when you are ready to really tell her you like her that you do it like a gentleman and not in front of a bunch of people because you want to impress her. That will just make her feel trapped. Take her aside for a minute when the time is right and tell her straight up you’re into her.

Let her understand there’s no pressure: The easiest way to ruin a great thing is to insert pressure. It really doesn’t matter whether or not it’s going to work between the two of you. What matters is that you’ve told her you want to be more than friends and if she feels the same you move forward.

If she doesn’t feel the same you need to reassure her, no matter how much it might hurt, that you understand and accept if she doesn’t feel the same.

Some Don’ts:
• Don’t ask her to be perfect or to change her lifestyle for you.
• Don’t ask to go out on a date in unexpected places.
• Don’t get physical. Sometimes be a gentleman and gently refuse overtures. She’ll be into you before you know it.
• Don’t pretend to be someone else or go rehearse an entire one-page romantic speech.
• Don’t assume she totally understands your reason for coming close you might be surprised when she says “I thought we were just friends.”
• Find out if she’s already in a relationship or is open to dating before shooting your shot.

Hey brothers! Let’s help those who don’t know better. What did you do to get her to date you? Please share with us in the comments section.

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