Common tricky questions Children ask and how to answer them….

Kids ask a lot of sometimes hard-to-answer questions, but these questions can spark great conversations that strengthen the parent and child bond. Guess what? The way you answer these questions matter. Your action either sends them out to ask another or have them run home to you knowing mummy/daddy knows it all.

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Children are naturally curious about how the world works and sometimes the what, where, who, when and how seem unending. While some questions have straightforward answers, some are so tricky that there’s no right or wrong way to respond.

Let IBIENE take you through a few general suggestions for tackling those tricky questions that make every parent squirm roll their eyes in impossible directions.

  • Ask the child clarifying questions to understand exactly (s)he is asking. 
  • Offer simple, straightforward answers. 
  • Be honest and be free to admit you feel uncomfortable or don’t know exactly how to respond, promising to get back with a concrete response.
  • Be ready for follow-up questions.

Let’s take a look at some of these questions;

Question: Where do babies come from? How did the baby get in your belly?”

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Likely answer: Ask your child “What do you think?” before answering questions to get a better sense of what is really being asked and what’s likely to be understood. It always helps to understand your child’s questions and current thinking before trying to educate them. Also, tell the truth. If you make up a story about storks or fairies, it will only cause confusion and mistrust later on. Try to avoid too much detail and keep answers short and simple. Make conversations matter-of-fact based. When discussing body functions and sex with your child, treat the conversations as calmly as possible. Children are perceptive, and they will be able to tell if you’re uncomfortable.

Question: Why Don’t We Want Others to See Our Private Parts?

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Likely answer: Because we use them for things we don’t do in public, like going to the bathroom. That’s why we call them private parts. It is also why we cover them with a swimsuit at the pool or close the door when we use the potty. We do not show our private parts to anyone except Mummy and Daddy or our doctor in the hospital. If someone tries to touch them or makes you uncomfortable, please tell me as soon as you get home.

Question: Why Are There So Many Languages in The World?

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Likely answer: Millions of years ago, people in different communities all over the world invented their own words to describe their lives, and that’s why today people from the same area tend to speak the same language and other people may not. Languages also change over time. Take for example English language; It has changed so much that if you heard someone speaking English as it was spoken 500 years ago, you would have trouble understanding what (s)he was saying.

Truth is hearing someone speak a foreign language can strike young children as odd and sometimes unsettling. The earlier we help kids understand what they can learn from other cultures, the more likely they’ll appreciate and adapt to the differences in the world.

Question: Why Do People Get Sick?

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Likely answer: People get sick because of germs. These tiny unseeable germs can find their way into our body through the air we breathe and things we eat, or when we touch our mouth or eyes without washing our hands. Most times, germs affect us when our bodied can’t fight them off. That is when we get sick. Sometimes, people become ill because their body is not working properly, but you can’t catch those kinds of sicknesses. The good thing is that in most cases, resting and doing what the doctor says can help your body heal.

Question: Why Can’t I Stay Up As Late As You Do?

Likely answer: Your body needs a break after running around all day. Your brain needs one too. Since you run around more than we do and are so active and learning so much more than adults each day, you need extra time to rest. That is why you go to bed a little earlier so your body and mind can work even better in the morning.

Question: Where does God live?

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Likely answer: Your answer to this question will be based on your faith. So, you need to answer accordingly, beginning with the smallest amount of information that satisfies the question, like “in heaven.” Then let your child ask follow-up questions.

It can be really exhausting to answer so many questions in rapid succession. Therefore, you have to be prepared with lots of patience as children are very curious to learn. The adults around them will always be their first choice to solve all their questions.

Do you have some of these tricky questions kids ask and the likely answers to give them? Do share with us in the comment section.

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