Lighting Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Light Up Your Home

Sometimes you might be scrolling online and you are immediately caught by the beauty of a room and you’re thinking, “I wish I could create that same effect in my home,” then you’ve been caught by the lighting of that space. 

Here to help, we’ve put together some lighting ideas that are guaranteed to give you that beautiful, bright space.

1. Break your room into layers:

Think of your room as a cake. And, just like a cake, each layer builds on the other: General/ambient lighting is the main layer of the cake: the substance. It’s typically 75% of the room’s light; it assures you can walk into a space without bumping into furniture. Ambient light provides a room with overall illumination, task lighting directs light to certain work zones, and accent lights highlight specific objects. For larger rooms, ambient lighting may require a few ceiling fixtures.

Cheyne Terrence

Task lighting is the cake’s frosting: without it, everything is drab and falls apart (and isn’t very appetizing). Task lighting helps you accomplish everyday chores or tasks – from reading a book to chopping vegetables to brushing your teeth. Write down all of the tasks that take place in a room, and make sure you plan lighting around them.

2. Use Multiple Lighting Fixtures Within The Same Room:

In a large room a single overhead fixture may not be enough. In most cases pot lights are a good solution, but if recessed lighting isn’t for you there is another solution. Consider hanging multiple fixtures throughout the room knowing that the key to making this look work is to stick with fairly simple fixtures that have clean silhouettes, and hang them on a grid as opposed to random spots throughout the ceiling.

Kari Wilbanks

3. Consider using a Lighting Arc:

No ceiling lights? No problem! You can still create a central light source with an arc floor lamp. The arcs on these types of lamps are generally fairly high, ensuring that no one will bump their head when walking underneath, but note placement is still very important. Also, keep in mind that these lamps are quite modern and work best in contemporary settings.

Caitlyn McCarthy

4. Use Perimeter Lights around edges of your space:

Lighting around the perimeter of a ceiling can provide accent light as well a unique detail not common to most living rooms. Not only does the accent light in this room from Creative West Architects accentuate the architectural details of the ceiling, but it adds an aura of elegance to this sophisticated space. When it comes to living room lighting ideas, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Creative West Interiors

5. Hang a Special Statement Lighting Fixture:

Rooms with high ceilings can be difficult to decorate, and to light. In order to make the most of the high ceiling consider a large central fixture in a take-notice style. The key to hanging fixtures in rooms with high ceilings is to make sure they drop down from the ceiling so that they still feel like they’re part of the room and you don’t have to strain your neck to look up and see them.

Robert Dana

5.Keep bulb lighting colors the same:

You may wonder: “Don’t all bulbs give off white light?” Not necessarily. The bulbs you choose will give off different shades of white light across a spectrum – typically from a bluish white to a yellow white. When selecting bulbs, look at the bulb’s Kelvin Color Temperature, and choose bulbs with a similar ratings.

Keichler Room Lights


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