On Living Well

Living well means doing well. To meet your expectations, you must;

Know yourself: The more you know about yourself, mind, body, soul, spirit, emotions and all the things that make you a complete individual, the sooner you’d be able to determine those things that are unique to you and should be exclusively yours. Knowing yourself also means trying new things. You can’t know whether you like something or not until you’ve tried it at least once. So be open – to yourself.

Living and enjoying


Discover Yourself: Find things you’re passionate about. What are those things that make you excited, that you’re always up for doing? What are those things that make you feel special? Make you feel alive? Go out! Explore. Ask your friends. Think about when you were very young. What did you enjoy doing? What do you enjoy doing now? What’s the ultimate experience of your passion?

Prioritize Yourself: Time is the ultimate luxury. It’s limited, so you can’t do everything. But you can do the most amazing things. So go through your passion list and select the things that make your heart thump.

Make A Plan For Yourself: Write down what you want to do. It’s that simple. Once you’ve determined the things you’re passionate about, think about what it would take to truly enjoy them. Then come up with a plan that’s time bound and costed! Think about who or what will offer you the best experiences for your passion.

Your living plan and budget

Make A Budget For Yourself: This is really just part of living. You know how much you make and how much you will make into the foreseeable future. So look through the different cost items in your plan and create a final budget.

Enjoy Yourself: With your plan in tow, and your experiences waiting oh so patiently to meet you, go out there or even stay indoors and have the time of your life!


Share The Love: While living your new fabulous life, don’t forget to collect stories along the way. With pictures and videos. Share the beautiful memories with the people you love.Love your living habits



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