Echoes From My Past – A poem by Doyin Oyenusi

I seat in silence
Once again, this is darkness
This is indeed madness
But I wonder, as I’ve often wondered
When will I be free?
From the shadows cast
When the darkness comes
This unwanted black blackness
That freezes my thoughts, my actions my future?

Promises and disappointments
Are two sides of a coin
Often peddled by rulers in my land
I paused momentarily at “my land”
It’s almost a lie
I’m disenfranchised
Who owns the land?
A land I cannot call my own
With a certainty like that of the tomorrows sunrise
Is nothing but wishful thinking.

Life ebbs away
Everyday I spend in this land
A dream fades away
Until sleep becomes a solace for my aspirations
They gave me promises
I also had my promises
That someday, in this land,my land, our land…. I will be somebody
We wait,we have always waited
We act, we have always acted too.
They said, power belongs to the people!
Are we a people? When we act like animals?

My hopes and dreams
They echo
I see them, I feel them
But I see only a part
Not the whole
The darkness surrounding it
In a grip like a vice around its throat
It’s difficult to hear its whispers

I wish I had wings, I would take to flight
I will fly towards the sun for warmth
The darkness grow colder
I need to break free
But I will need to pay a fee
For visa to an unknown destination
To a land where people are people and animals are animals
To live my life in dignity, peace and progress
That’s what the founding fathers promised
Echoes from my past, the future might never hear!

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