Altair And Vega By Don Kenobi

Love came in – ALL tired
And I washed her feet
Cupid came…. all broken 
(His arrows….his heart!)
I lifted his chin
And pointed to Love
Love came over
and kissed his cheek….

My name is Lonely 
I’ve given up…
I’ve had my time.
I’ve traveled the world
In search….
I’ve loved 
I’ve lost 
Have your time.

I lie!
My name is Altair…
She’s gone
She’s always gone – Vega
Will be 7 years…
(and all of 7 minutes)
Then she’ll be gone….

And I’ll be back again
Lonely again
Crying in the rain
Traveling again.
Till it’s 7 years.
(And all of 7 minutes)
…. and again
She’ll be gone!

The pain
The pain…

She alway say:
“7 minute with my god!
‘Tis worth every minute
Be patient my Lord!”

But my heart is breaking!
What my goddess doing now?
What on her mind?
(Who beaming at her?)

I see her in my dreams
All alone
Gazing at my mothership
Hanging in the darkness spinning
Suspended by Gravity…
Ticking off the days
Till it’s time again
For our 7 glorious minutes….

… and while I wait,
Like a rose, I shed my essence
Thus when Love comes in all tired
I wash her feet!
And Cupid is all lost,
I lift his chin!

I do!
I’ve got time to spare!
My time won’t pass!
Even if I sleep
(Like Rip Van Winkle),
She’ll find me!

Ah Vega
My goddess….
I’m fine!
I can wait
I like to be by you!
You’re soft
You’re gentle
You are love
I’m fine!
I can wait

Poem by Don Kenobi

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