Guide on how to buy an engagement ring online?

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From Tupperware, to clothes, books, edibles, digital and electronic devices, and even services – there is nothing that you cannot find and buy online, there are however items that people are wary of buying from the click of a button, mostly due to the belief that it needs to be seen to confirm its originality. These items of concern are precious stones – and they are very much available online.

So you want to get married but due to the restriction of movement, because of current realities, you can’t walk into a shop with your beloved to test that glittering band around her finger? Whereas, and as you scroll up and down you see an add pop up on your screen, showing a beautiful slim finger hosting a glittering engagement ring. Should you actually buy that ring? How do you know it’s the real thing? Well, here’s a guide you could follow and some tips you could put into consideration before making a decision;

What’s your budget?

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The first step to finding the perfect engagement ring, whether on or offline, is knowing how much you want to spend. Walking into a store (on or offline) with a price range in mind helps jewellers meet your needs.

Who is the Jeweller?

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Getting your precious stone from a reputable jeweller is important because they have their reputation at stake. When you buy from them, you will get a real diamond with a gemologist’s certificate. (This may not be the case on some unreliable website or with an online auction). Also, when you ship diamonds, you send them over with tracking, insurance, and a required signature. In the rare event that your stone gets stolen, you won’t lose your money. Also consider the benefit of a return policy.

What is your choice ring style?

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If you haven’t figured out your fiancé-to be tastes already, it’s time for some investigative work. Ask her or her friends for guidance. You can use samples online to find out her choice. That way the jeweller (online or offline) will be able to meet your need or give you something pretty close to it. The reason is that no two diamonds are the same, but you can narrow down your choices by determining what shape of diamond to buy as well as what style of ring.

What store should I buy from?

Don’t make a decision after visiting the first site. Mark the ones you have chosen and then keep surfing. You have a wider access to stores around the world and are able to compare a wide variety of rings before buying any from the coziness of your living room. Rather than drive round and round burning gas, you can explore different sites which gives you more options. Some sites have built software that enables you to custom make your ring and have them put together.

What if the ring doesn’t fit?

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Reputable online jewellry retailers offer a range of different options to ensure that you get the correct ring size. They offer free downloadable ring size guides or a ring size measuring kit which is posted to you free of charge upon request. Ensure you ask them about sizing options before making a decision.

What if I want to try the ring on before buying it?

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Unfortunately, when shopping online, you cannot try the ring on before buying. There could be a way around this -pay the amount for the ring you have chosen, then you realize on inspecting it physically that you don’t like that particular ring, you can always send it back for a full refund. Reputable jewellery stores usually offer a full refund on their items. First ensure you have checked that this service is available before committing.

Precious stone experts suggest that buying an engagement ring online can save you 40 percent or more when compared the stress of visiting brick-and-mortar retail jewellery stores. Stay away from diamonds on general online stores or other second-hand vendors unless you know how to authenticate a diamond. If you are not convinced to buy online, please wait until you can get one from a brick-and-motar retailer. Your peace of mind and value for money should be the experience.

Have you bought an engagement ring from a reputable online store before? Please share your experience and additional tips in the comment section.

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