Surprising things you could do with used tea bags….

If you’re regular with drinking tea, you probably keep or throw away lots of teabags! Since we live in a world where we preach less waste more re-purpose, wouldn’t it be nice if there was something useful you could do with all those tea bags?

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Well, you now can as there are actually plenty of ways to put all those tea bags to good use! And today you’ll learn some of the most surprising and useful things you can do with those used tea bags.

Refresh Your Carpets!

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Here’s how it works. Just allow a teabag to dry out, then remove the leaves. Stir the leaves into a handful of baking soda, then sprinkle the mixture over the coloured or smelly spots on your carpet. Let it sit for about 20 minutes, then vacuum the area thoroughly. The tea and baking soda will work together to trap dirt and absorb odours. Your carpets will look fresher!

Reduce circles under your Eye!

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Your used tea bags can help reduce puffiness or dark circles underneath your eyes. Place the used bags in your fridge to cool, then hold the bags against your eyes for a few minutes. This way, the caffeine content will work its magic to shrink the blood vessels around your eyes. You’ll look more refreshed and awake!

Hydrate Your Dry Skin!

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Here’s how. Re-brew used tea bags then allow the tea to cool. Pour it into a spray or squeeze bottle. Then just spritz it onto your skin or apply with a cotton pad. Although the antioxidants in green tea are particularly effective for rehydrating dry skin, any other tea would do.

Use it as a Foot Scrub!

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You can as well soak your foot in them, and once you’re done, tear open the leftover tea bags and scrub the base of your foot with them for smoother skin! Guess what soaking your feet in tea bags frees up your feet from odours.

Marinate your meats!

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Absolutely yes! Boil your leftover tea bags to make a delicious marinade for your meats. Tear those leftover tea bags open and rub the leaves into your meats for a dry marinade and to let the flavours infuse in. Leave them overnight and brush away the tea leaves for a deliciously fragrant dish. You can also add cooking wine or some other marinade sauces for a richer flavour.

Dissolve greasy messes/clear rust!

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Do you struggle with a greasy mess stuck in the bottom of a pan? Place a teabag in the pan and fill it with hot water. Allow it to soak overnight as the tannins in the tea will help loosen the mess overnight. It’ll be easy to scrub clean in the morning!

Polish wood surfaces!

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Used teabags can be used to restore a nice shine to your wood floors and furniture. Put a couple of used tea bags in warm water to make the weak tea. Then apply it to your wood surfaces with a soft rag or microfiber cloth. Give it a good buff, and your wood will be shining in no time!

Enough of wasting those tea bags after one try.

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